Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King

Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King is a Massive Multiplayer Online strategy war game.

In retrospect, you will role-play a feudal lord in the dark and chaotic medieval times: develop cities, expand territories, recruit heroes and train troops to become powerful. You will also team up with allies besieging forts and conquering lands.

However, the road to the Throne is full of thorns and traps. Rebels are rising, orcs are causing havoc, demons are pulverizing things on their path…It seems that a hidden force is brewing up some conspiracy. What’s worse is that, other Lords will cast their covetous eyes on you and your people.

You will dig out the unperceivable plotter behind the chaos, and you will face up to the threats from other Lords while protecting your people and realm.

Later on, people from all walks of life would bow down before you, vowing their loyalty. And afterwards, your people would live in peace.

★ It’s all about strategy and war tactics;
★ Personal growth and team work;
★ A diversity of troops and technologies;
★ A variety of heroes and skills;
★ Collaborative tasks, chat and player interactions;
    Work together with other players from different regions to develop the world!
★ PVP tournaments and plenty of activities;
★ 6 races, different types of creatures, and a fabulous adventure;
★ 10 scenes, hundreds of levels, and interesting storylines;
★ Forging and disenchanting as you wish.

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