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Write a Review, Win an iPad Competition was held from May 5 ~ Jun 21, 2010. Seir posted this review in Haypi Kingdom forum on Jun 1, 2010 when the iPad was not yet available then! Today Haypi has more than 30 servers and over 100,000 users all over the world.


It's Awesome

By Seir

“Haypi Kingdom for the iPod Touch or iPhone is a MMO game app here the goal is to build your city and create a kingdom, as you rise in the rankings to be the best kingdom you can be before you lose your MIND.

As many have already figured out, this game was created with intentions of being more addicting than crystal meth, however still giving you that false feeling of accomplishment and worthiness, all while soaking up your time and about 50% of your brain capacity, even when you aren't even playing it.

These criticisms aside, Haypi Kingdom was introduced to me through a friend, who basically wanted to steal a referral from me. Now, that same friend is a Vice President of one of the top 15 alliances, sets goals for the alliance to achieve in order to advance the group, as well as many other "accomplishments" in the game. Needless to say, he got addicted.

Me, on the other hand, saw it as a money making opportunity. In every game I've played that is an MMO, I've tried to dominate the economy. In this case, that involves created A LOT of resources, and is very time consuming. That's where I got addicted. Just waiting for each resource to upgrade, counting down the seconds, planning out what needs to be upgraded next, and deciding how much to sell any extra resources were all huge factors as to why I religiously

check Haypi Kingdom whenever I get the glorious gift of WiFi in the area I'm in.

Sounds interesting, right? Why would so many people fall into this little trap? Let me explain the game to you people who are unaware of the game's real identity.

1. So, you have a city.
The first thing you are introduced to (aside from the help menu) is your main city, which holds many buildings:

A. Main Building-controls the amount of people you receive per hour in your city, as well as the maximum number of people you can hold. Upgrading the Main Building gives you more people per hour, plus a larger amount of people can be held. They're used for upgrading other buildings, and are also used to make troops. Somebody has to do it, right?

B. Barracks-controls making of troops including infantry, cavalry, archers, and catapults. Upgrading increases the speed in which troops are created.

C. Stone Mine-creates stone used in upgrading resources, creating soldiers, and building defenses.

D. Cropland-creates wheat used to feed your soldiers, as well as upgrading resources, creating soldiers,