Trey's Story

“Iphone Apps. They come and go. Some I might play for a day, others may linger lustily to my phone for a week, but invariably they would cycle, their shiny new features dull and bland and the dreaded "x" pulled up over thier name, so signal the end of their era of interest in my world.

This is exactly what I though Haypi would be like. "Oh hoorah it's free!" I thought. I won't need to spend money to enjoy a game I will bore of in two weeks. ERRRRR WRONG AGAIN!

This is me. I'm a mother and a student right now. I'm 20, and as a stay at home mom I don't get to flex my social skills as I once did.

Being a mother is hard work. It's the hardest thing I have ever done, and I believe I've done a lot. It makes it a little easier to see this face smiling up at me though

Regardless, this is about what Haypi has done to keep me addicted for over a month now.

When I started I was confused. What the heck did all this stuff mean? I could barely muddle my way through, so I joined al alliance. There I learned from the friendly people about the ways of Haypi.


4 alliances later we are still mostly together. I never thought through a game I could learn so much. Not only do I talk to these people about the game, we talk about ourselves, our real selves, and I  learn and grow every day from these people. We have some strong willed people, and some people who have hearts as soft as feather pillows.

I have screamed at this game, I have been enraged, offended, hurt, and tempted to quit more than once. But I can never do it. Why?

Because I've been uplifted, I've laughed, shared, loved, and even on my worst days I can come in and talk to the people I'm so glad to be in an alliance with (and others) and find myself smiling and joking again!

Haypi is so simple and yet has artfully constructed ways for people to complicate the game in wonderful and intrigueing ways! I dont know how they did it, but Haypi has made a home on my iphone which may never be replaced. The people therein have made a place in my life which can never be touched, and I'm so glad I gave this game a second glance.

Now who wants more pics!!!