Editorials' words:
Denise is one of the first Experts in Haypi Kingdom and has been diligent and helpful for new comers and the haypi kingdom team. We thank you very much for your consistent good will and support!


Where to begin?

By Denise     Photo: Denise

“Well, where to begin? I suppose a little about myself would be a good spot to start lol I am a 28 yr old bartender from Canada, I am the proud mama of two children, ages 8 and 6, and I've been a complete gaming geek most of my life *insert big smiley face here!*

My Haypi experience started about 5 months ago, surfing through the app store for something to kill some time....I stubled upon Haypi and instead of killing time, I've enhanced it, filling it with great convos, humorous interludes, and have found a way to make myself useful. I spent a brief two weeks as a regular player...and I mean HOURS upon HOURS of playing lol I caught on so quickly and shared my knowledge with so many, that I earned the honor of bearing the expert title, and a short week later, forum moderator.

Everything after that has been great, I was introduced, online, to the creator and some of the support staff, who, YES, are real people with beautiful personalities. I have spent many many hours talking with them and making myself available to assist them and 'hopefully' take a small fraction of their work load off.

I have had many wonderful nights between the forum, in game chat, and on messenger services and am thankful for being given the chance to help in such a world wide, culture-acceptable atmosphere. Thanks Haypi!!