When it Comes Together

By Badkarma / Server 1

No one made any bad remarks
No one advertised
No one placed any useless spam

“I just wanted to share something with everyone on Haypi that moved me today.

Early in the morning a Haypi player on server 4 woke up and got on world chat. It was name I did not recognize. Nor anyone of high ranking or in a large alliance. He began to speak of his brother in the hospital that layed by him.

His brother suffered from a terminal disease called CF or cystic fibrosis. If you don't know this disease it's devistating. It takes away your childhood and any chance to have a normal life. This is something I'm very familiar because of my job so a friend I knew told me I should chat with him in world chat. I don't know exactly why he talked about this publicly. His brother was very sick.

I'm not talking sick as in a bad cold but something terminal. Being stuck in the room at about 1-3 am in the morning I assumed he had no one to speak to. Everyone (his family) around him was asleep including his brother. So I guess he reached out to the people on Server 4 on Haypi.

We talked in world chat and everyone slowly began to listen. Before long there were no more advertisments.

No more spam. No bickering and arguing between players.  Only words of encouragement and even some people offering prayers.

Even from the trolls and spammers that frequent server 4 world chat offered their condolences. With no Expert on to control world chat it seem none was needed. We all just listened to this young 17 year old going through an ordeal that many of us could never imagine.

No one made any bad remarks. No one advertised. No one placed any useless spam. Everyone came together and supported this person who reached out for an open ear amongst strangers on a game. We chatted a bit longer via PM and with some cohersing I finally convinced him to go to sleep. Before long, after this person logged off of Haypi, world chat went back to normality as we all know world chat to be. The advertistment, spam, threats of hostile take overs and bickering flooded my screen again. But for about 15 minutes it was nice to see that we can come together for someone we don't even know who needed someone to listen to them that had something to share usually reserved for close friends and family. It was inspiring to see the humanity in people who come here to get away from real life and still show their compassion for a very real life situation to a stranger who just need someone to listen. I was humbled to see none of us let him down. Bravo to Server 4.