My Haypi Journey

I wish to dedicate this article to all players and staff for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for creating this beautiful Haypi memory for me.                                                              -- Thomas


“To all loyal players,
Around two years ago, we decided it was the perfect time to start a software company for mobile devices, therefore beginning our Haypi Journey. The whole team worked very hard on creating their first game. After countless hours of developing, inspecting, and assessing, we finally completed our project: in January of 2010, Haypi Kingdom became available in the App Store.

Eleven months have passed since then and things are moving fast. For the first couple of months after Haypi Kingdom’s release, our team smoothed out its gameplay. Later, we began to work new features. We have made frequent updates to the game to modify its interface, improve the game play, and host events to keep the game exciting for all its players.

Since its release, Haypi Kingdom has flourished. Our players are a huge driving force behind this and they have offered us an incredible amount of help and support throughout the whole process. When I log onto the forums, I am thrilled by all the activity I see.

Haypi is especially grateful for all those friendly, helpful, and committed experts who keep our chatrooms clean. Without them, Haypi Kingdom could not enjoy such remarkable growth. They are the best friends and helpers we could ask for.

Now the holidays are coming, and Haypi Kingdom is embracing its first Christmas and New Years! To express our gratitude for our players, we will include some special surprises in our daily gifts this Christmas. Each expert will also receive a gift as a thank you for their constant assistance.

Here are some exciting new things coming soon:

● Haypi will have its own magazine. Haypi Times, Haypi’s new e-magazine, will be published around Christmastime. This will be another way for players to gather, communicate, and share their experiences. I cannot wait read articles written by our own players!

● After the successful launch of the Haypi Kingdom on Android on Nov. 1, we will begin working on the release of Haypi Kingdom on Windows Phone 7.

● Meanwhile, Haypi Adventure, the next major game of Haypi Co., Ltd. is undergoing the final polishing touches and it will be available in the first half of the upcoming New Year!

What has happened in 2010 was unforgettable and I will always be proud of what we were able to do. We shall continue improving Haypi Kingdom and create other exciting games in the years to come. And again, we are never alone in this journey. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your contributions; you have helped us make Haypi Kingdom great and have helped our company continue to grow!