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Server 36 Expert Nominations Discussion

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Re: Server 36 Expert Nominations Discussion

The most deserving player, in my mind and gaming experience is trebour, a stalwart of haypi kingdom. He has shown great enthusiasm and understanding of this game both intelligent and strategically gifted, a player that has risen through the ranks with great ease and grace as if he was born to play this mmog, I could think of nobody who would be better deserving and respectful of haypi's rules and regulations, he has always been honest and trusting gaining the respect of many players throughout server 36
and pvp. He gets my vote for expert and I think haypi kingdom support team would be very grateful of his activities and resolve with this title bestowed upon him.



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Re: Server 36 Expert Nominations Discussion

hey people
please vist my topic in general discussion about our server wc and please write what u think and the the topic name is (help in s36 wc) and others u helpped r included in the forum thanks



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Re: Server 36 Expert Nominations Discussion

s36 is in desperate need of 1 or more experts. The chat gets so foul that many of us now avoid it. There are several respectable people who are on most of the time. Please make one or more of them experts and let's bring the civility back to wc.

- Botia2


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Re: Server 36 Expert Nominations Discussion

Sorry to be amused, but the fact that there are so many issues and fake nominations all over the forums>nominations is downright hilarious. :lol:
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