PvP Competition

On May 12, 2010, Haypi Kingdom will release a brand new server type—the PVP server. The PVP server provides an arena where top players can all the servers can come together to wage war in the ultimate tournament. On a bi-weekly basis, the top 1500 players on all the other servers are eligible to compete.

When the grand battle ends, the victor wins 500 USD! The next five players each win an iPod Touch or an iPod Shuffle! The following 850 players are receive in-game coins, money, or prestige!

The 1st PvP       The 4th PvP    
First Place Reyn5473 S3   First Place Smithy2010   S2
Second Place Kennnnn S1   Second Place Asim S3
  Cheez S3     Fresh4   
Third Place Ober S1   Third Place Golfnutz69  S3
  Bouty S1     Empchina       S6
  Meatzu S1     Pike          S2
The 2nd PvP       The 5th PvP    
First Place Kurt S1   First Place Disqualified cheating
Second Place Cheez S3   Second Place Pintler  S6
  Necrillian S2     Pike               S2
Third Place Guy89757 S3   Third Place Segna           S2
  Dize S1     Homebrew    S7
  wiz0r  S3     Jlozan84    S8
The 3rd PvP       The 6th PvP    
First Place Kurt S1   First Place Jlozan84     S8
Second Place golfnutz69 S3   Second Place Segna         S2
  Asim S3   possessed   S8
Third Place cheez S3   Third Place GoTBank   S10
  smithy2010       Hahanana  S1
  fresh4       RYKHR      S10