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My Haypi story

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Post Fri Mar 18, 2011 3:57 pm

My Haypi story

It started out as just an app on my iPod. But it wasn't anymore. This is the story of how haypi has changed my life forever. At first, I didn't know anyone. I could barely type the word "Awesome" in 30 seconds. But then a player called Jalinko stepped up and gave me a push in the right direction. I chatted so often I could type "awesome" in less than 5 seconds now. I have gotten to know over 100 really nice people in this game and it has been very fun. And i've grown quite close to a few people on haypi. So close as to exchange email adresses. To get other apps where we could send each other messages. And to always stick together. I always will remember this part of my story. A personal part. I am a young fiction writer and I love to write. That's one of the reasons I wanted a chance in the Haypi magazine. And I sometimes wish that my life was fiction. At school, I am daily teased and ridiculed for just being me. There seems to be something wrong with that. But this is one of the only places where I can be me- what nobody thinks I am- just an ordinary kid. On server45, i'm not teased or ridiculed. I'm popular. And for all others like me out there- it feels great. To be loved and NOT have to be a bully to do it- the best feeling in the world. These people are not my enemies like the people I deal with every day. I now deal with these people every day too. And these are my friends. They are a part of me that will never go away. Now I have praise- people who truly respect me and care about me. And really, I don't care if i've never actually met these people. They are here with me and make my heart warm again. I was given courage by my friends here! And thanks to them, I am no longer a punching bag for others to thake their anger out on. I am a real person now. No longer a ghost or shadow. I'm acknowledged. I have more friends. And I feel like I actually matter now. And it's thanks to all the players on s45. But here I extend a special thanks- to the people who have REALLY shown me kindness and given me advice: DarkGodess. Trex423. Jalinko. Biggadanu4. Dethn'xtsu. GxCake. Hunter781. Grape42. There are more, but these are the exeptional ones. I hope that all in the dark will catch a glimpse of light as I did, and again thank all those who helped me with this great accomplishment in my life.

And who am I? I live in ontario, canada. I turn 12 quite soon.
I am Lickme200 of s45,
And haypi kingdom has changed my life forever. Thanks guys.



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Re: My Haypi story

Very good story man, sad how immature and insecure kids can be in today's schools :/ everyone here on haypi probably feels the same! HAYPI POWER!



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Re: My Haypi story

Glad i could help in even the slightest way!
and im very happy things are going great for you now!

cant wait to see you in chat!
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Re: My Haypi story

Good. Nice tread.
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Post Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:24 am

Re: My Haypi story

Very interesting read thanks :)
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