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The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

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The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

I'm just going to mention here how to command a battle as it is essential you know how to do this. When you're attacking or being attacked, go to the actions tab, and when the timer reaches 0 press command. Then select one of your unit types and you can tell it to move forward, backward or wait. Also you can tell it to target infantry, cavalry, archers or catapults.

Table of contents
1.0 – Tasks
2.0 – Buildings
3.0 – Shooting range
4.0 – Scouting
   4.1 – How to scout
   4.2 – Scouting terminology
   4.3 – Full scout report
   4.4 – Attack scouting
5.0 – Prestige
    5.1 – What is prestige?
    5.2 – Gaining prestige
6.0 – Attributes
7.0 – Equipment
    7.1 – About Equipment
    7.2 – Enhancing equipment
8.0 – Hunting
9.0 – Starving
10.0 – Achievements
11.0 Attacking people’s cities
    11.1 – Killing enemy troops
    11.2 - Farming people's cities
    11.3 - Stealing people's sub cities
12.0 – Attacking and occupying forts and oases
    12.1 – What are oases?
    12.2 – Occupying an oasis
    12.3 – What are forts?
    12.4 – Occupying a fort
    12.5 – Farming a fort
    12.6 – Tips on wiping out oases and forts with few losses
13.0 – Haypi terminology

1.0 ~ Tasks
What are tasks? Tasks are objectives set up for beginners to understand the game a bit better. Just continue completing the tasks and you'll be a Haypi master in no time. They will teach you about sending and receiving letters, trading resources with other players, training troops, upgrading buildings, going to the map and much more.
So here are some questions I get a lot about tasks;
Where is task 5? It's not in my tasks list!
To get task 5, do task four and get rewards. Task 5 will now appear
What is task 5 and how do I do it?
Task 5 is where it let's you change your name from the default one of ha_a###### to one of your choice. Simply put in the username you want, the password you want and your email. Also, there will be a box called 'referral'. If someone told you about this game, put their username in the box and when you reach level 4 and 7 they'll get a bonus.
How do I do task 24?
To do task 24, get one of your friends to play, and similar to what I said above, get them to put your username in the referral box. Then they just need to reach level 4. Keep in mind this task is NOT necessary, so if you don't have any friends that have a device capable of playing Haypi, it doesn't matter. Please do not go posting on world chat for people to put you as your referral, as repeat offenders may be muted.
I’ve done all of the tasks except for the level up ones and task 24, now what?
Once you’ve finished all of the tasks that you are capable of doing at that time, just continue to upgrade buildings, train some troops, or just talk to people on chat!
2.0 ~ Buildings
Main Building – Here is where your cities people come from. People are needed to train troops, upgrade buildings, transfer resources etc. By upgrading it, you are increasing the amount of people you get per hour, and the maximum amount of people you can have at one time.
Warehouse – The warehouse is where your resources are stored. The higher the level, the more resources it can hold.
Cranny – The cranny is in charge of protecting some of your resources. At its highest level, it can protect 100 000 of each resource.
Barracks – Here is where you train troops for battle. The higher the level, the faster the troops are trained.
Tech Center – Here you can research techs. Here you can research Woodcutting, Digging, Smelting and Planting which increase the output of that particular resource. Researching Shooting will mean your troops will have a longer range they can attack from in battle. If you research scout skill, You can scout people with higher precision. Researching Traps or turrets will mean you can upgrade your traps or turrets at the city wall to a higher level. Marching will increase the speed of your troops, and attack/defence will raise your attack/defence.
City Wall – Here is where you set up defences for your city. You can build either traps or turrets. Traps kill any troops that fall into them and turrets attack the troops from a distance. In order to build them though, you’ll need to upgrade them in the tech center. The higher the level of them, the more powerful they become, and the more troops they take out.
There are four resource fields. Stone Mine, Iron Mine, Cropland and Lumber Mill. The higher the level they are, the more resources you get per hour. The Stone Mine produces stone, the Iron Mine produces iron, the Cropland produces crop and the Lumber Mill produces wood. At each resource field, there will be four places that you can upgrade. Try to upgrade them evenly. Once they reach level 15, it will cost coins to upgrade. Below shows how many coins are required to upgrade to each level.

Level 16 requires 10 coins
Level 17 requires 25 coins
Level 18 requires 40 coins
Level 19 requires 60 coins
Level 20 requires 90 coins
3.0 ~ Shooting Range
Shooting plays an important part in any battle comprising of archers and/or catapults. The higher your shooting skill, the further away you can hit their troops from. If your shooting range is long enough, you may be able to hit the opposition’s catapults with your catapults without them being in range yet! Below is how far your catapults’ range is and what the field length would be for each level.
Level ~ Range ~ Field length 
Level 0 ~ 800 ~ 1100
Level 1 ~ 816 ~ 1116
Level 2 ~ 832 ~ 1132
Level 3 ~ 848 ~ 1148
Level 4 ~ 864 ~ 1164
Level 5 ~ 880 ~ 1180
Level 6 ~ 896 ~ 1196
Level 7 ~ 912 ~ 1212
Level 8 ~ 928 ~ 1228
Level 9 ~ 944 ~ 1244
Level 10 ~ 960 ~ 1260
Now in battle, the field length is determined by the longest range plus 300. So say you were up against some catapults with level 7 shooting tech, and you only had level 5, the battle field length would be 1212. A handy way to know who has longer range in battle is to know what level shooting tech you have, so you know how long the field length would be if you were the one with the highest range. Select any unit in the command screen, and look at the field length. If the field length is longer than what your field length would be, it means they have longer range, so be careful!
P.S. If you don’t know how to command a battle, when you’re attacking someone, go to the actions tab. Wait for the attack timer to go to 0, and press command.
Below is the range and field length of each level of turret.
Level ~ Range ~ Field Length
Level 1 ~ 600 ~ 900
Level 2 ~ 650 ~ 950
Level 3 ~ 700 ~ 1000
Level 4 ~ 750 ~ 1050
Level 5 ~ 800 ~ 1100
Level 6 ~ 850 ~ 1150
Level 7 ~ 900 ~ 1200
Level 8 ~ 950 ~ 1250
Level 9 ~ 1000 ~ 1300
Level 10 ~ 1050 ~ 1350
4.0 ~ Scouting
4.1 ~ How to scout
To scout, select the map, then select the square with whatever you want to scout on it, press enter and then press scout. The scout report will be sent to your inbox.
4.2 ~ Scouting terminology
So you received your scout report, but it doesn’t say the exact amount? Here is there terminology for scouting:
“Several of” 0~9
"One or two dozen" 10~24
"Dozens" 25~49
"Scores" 50~99
"One or two hundred" 100~249
"Several hundred" 250~499
"Hundred" 500~999
"One or two thousand" 000~2499
"Several thousand" 2500~4999
"Thousands" 5000~9999
"Over 100 hundred" 10000 or larger
4.3 ~ Full scout report
A full scout report will show how many resources someone has in their city, as well as their exact troop numbers. It will also show how much prestige they have and their attribute skills, not including equipment. To get a full report, your scout skill must be higher than theirs. For example, if you have level 7 scout skill, and they have level 5, you will get a full report. However if you both have the same scout skill, neither of you will be able to get a full scout report from each other. You can upgrade your scout skill in the Tech Center.

4.4 ~ Attack scouting

Attack scouting is where you send one troop (usually a cavalry) at someones city to see if they have any defenses, and if so, how much. It is also sometimes used to see someones range.
5.0 ~ Prestige
5.1 ~ What is prestige?
Prestige is what is needed to level up alongside treasure. For every level you will require a certain amount of prestige, and for some title upgrades you will also require treasure.
Level 1 - 0 Prestige            
Level 2 - 200 Prestige      
Level 3 - 630 Prestige            
Level 4 - 1.15 Thousand prestige, 1 nugget
Level 5 - 2 thousand prestige            
Level 6 - 3.6 thousand prestige          
Level 7 - 6.5 thousand prestige, 1 nugget, 1 gem
Level 8 - 11.5 thousand prestige
Level 9 - 20 thousand prestige              
Level 10 - 35 thousand prestige, 1 gem, 1 medal  
Level 11 - 65 thousand prestige        
Level 12 - 115 thousand prestige      
Level 13 - 200 thousand prestige, 1 medal. 1 scepter
Level 14 - 360 thousand prestige      
Level 15 - 650 thousand prestige    
Level 16 - 1.15 million prestige, 3 scepters  
Level 17 - 2 million prestige          
Level 18 - 3.6 million prestige
Level 19 - 6.5 million prestige, 2 scepters, 2 crowns
Level 20 - 11.5 million prestige, 4 scepters, 4 crowns
5.2 ~ Gaining Prestige
Prestige can be gained in a variety of ways;
•​Upgrading buildings
•​Training troops
•​Killing other peoples troops with minimal losses
•​Building traps/turrets
•​From hunts (Only a very small percentage of the value of your hunt)
6.0 ~ Attributes

Attributes can be found under the general tab. With attributes you can increase Attack, defense, speed and fortune. These attributes are applied to your whole army. When you level up, you can have more attribute points to distribute. Probably the most useful attribute would be speed, because it means your troops move faster, and if your speed is higher than the person you are attacking, you may be able to strike first.

7.0 ~ Equipment

7.1 ~ About Equipment

Equipment adds extra points to your attributes. There are 5 types of equipment; Armor, sword, horse, manual and ring.

Armor adds it's level ×2 to defense. E.g a level 5 armor adds 10 points to the defense attribute. The maximum level for armor is level 15.

A Sword is the same as the armor, except adds it's level ×2 to attack. The maximum level for a sword is level 15

A Horse, similar to armor and sword, adds it's level ×2 to speed. The maximum level for a horse is level 15

A Manual is different to armor, sword and horse. A manual adds its level to speed, attack AND defense. For example, if you had a level 10 manual, it would add 10 points to speed, 10 points to attack, and 10 points to defense. The maximum level for a manual is level 15

A Ring only adds its level worth to fortune. The maximum level for a ring is level 10, 5 levels less than all of the other items. So a level 10 ring adds 10 points to the fortune attribute.

7.2 ~ Enhancing equipment

Haypi recently added the enhancement system. Now you can enhance equipment, so that they provide more attributes. Each level you enhance, you'll require a larger number of enhancement stones, and there is a lower success rate.

Level~Stones~Percentage increase~success rate

1 ~ 4 ~ 2% ~ 100%
2 ~ 5 ~ 5% ~ 95%
3 ~ 6 ~ 7% ~ 90%
4 ~ 8 ~ 10% ~ 85%
5 ~ 9 ~ 15% ~ 80%
6 ~ 11 ~ 18% ~ 75%
7 ~ 13 ~ 22% ~ 74%
8 ~ 14 ~ 25% ~ 72%
9 ~ 16 ~ 29% ~ 69%
10 ~ 18 ~ 33% ~ 64%
11 ~ 20 ~ 38% ~ 57%
12 ~ 22 ~ 43% ~ 51%
13 ~ 24 ~ 48% ~ 41%
14 ~ 26 ~ 54% ~ 34%
15 ~ 28 ~ 60% ~ 30%
16 ~ 30 ~ 67% ~ 28%
17 ~ 32 ~ 75% ~ 26%
18 ~ 34 ~ 82% ~ 24%
19 ~ 36 ~ 91% ~ 20%
20 ~ 38 ~ 100% ~ 18%

Now if I were to write out each level of each equipment and how many extra attribute points you'd get at each level, not only would it take me ages, but it would also make this guide very very long. So I'll just tell you how to figure it out yourself. Say you wanted to find out the attribute bonus from a level 13 horse enhanced to level 14. Enhancing to level 14 gives 54% extra. Find one percent of the items bonus (26÷100) and times it by the percentage increase (0.26×54) and the result is 14.04. Add 14.04 to the items original bonus (14.04+26) and the result is 40.04. So a level 13 horse enhanced to level 14 gives you 40.04 attribute points towards speed, in addition to the points you've already added. The formula is n/100*p=???. with n standing for the items attribute bonus and p standing for the percentage increase.
8.0 ~ Hunting
By sending your troops out to hunt, they can bring back money, items or treasure. To send your troops out to hunt, go to the map and select an oasis. Enter it, then select the amount of troops you want to send on the hunt. I find that sending infantry and cavalry together to hunt, and sending archers with catapults to hunt works better than sending them all at once. In order to get a good hunt however, you will require quite a large hunting party of a couple of thousand or more troops. To harvest your hunt, go to the actions tab and press harvest.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND sending your troops out to hunt every time you go offline. If you leave them in your city, someone will see you have troops just sitting in your city and will attack you. You may think that by leaving troops in your city will make you look tough. WRONG. The people with more troops than you will attack you and kill your troops in order to gain prestige from you. When your troops are out hunting, they are virtually untouchable.
9.0 ~ Starving

You've got to be careful when you train up a large army, because your troops consume a certain amount of crop. If your troops are consuming more
Crop than you are producing, you will be in negative crop, and are at risk of starving.

Infantry consume 1 crop per hour
Cavalry consume 4 crop per hour
Archers consume 2 crop per hour
Catapults consume 10 crop per hour

In order to starve, your crop would have to reach 0, and your troops would be called back from hunting (If they were hunting) and 30% would die, and then 30% of your remaining army would starve one hour after that. This continues until you are back in positive crop output. That is why you must always make sure you have enough crop In your city to sustain your troops while you're offline, or you might starve.

10.0 ~ Achievements

Achievements are a new ranking system available to those with gamecenter. You can find the list of achievements under the tasks tab and going to achievements tab, but you'll require iOS4.1 or later. You can find a list on the forum here. Achievements are now a requirement to enter PVP.

11.0 ~ Attacking People’s Cities
11.1 ~ Killing enemy troops
Killing enemy troops is one of the best ways to gain prestige. Each enemy unit you kill will give you a certain amount of prestige.
Infantry = 1 prestige
Cavalry = 4 prestige
Archer = 2 prestige
Catapult = 10 prestige
So when you attack someone with troops in their city, and you kill about 100 catapults and 500 infantry, but you don’t lose anything, you will gain 1500 prestige. You have to win the battle to gain prestige though, so if they have traps, and you don’t take the traps out, you will lose the battle and you won’t gain anything.
If you do lose any troops in battle, but you still win, the total amount of prestige the troops you lost were worth will be deducted from your prestige gain. E.g. if you kill 100 catapults and 500 infantry, but you lose 50 catapults, 500 prestige will be taken off the amount you would have gained, leaving you with 1000 prestige. Also, you may gain more or less prestige depending on your level and the level of your opponent. Say you were level 8, and your opponent was level 11, you would gain more prestige than you normally would because of the level difference.
11.2 ~ Farming people's cities
Now you may hear people talking about farming people, and your thinking, 'what on earth is that?!' well, farming is the act of attacking either a city or a fort, with the intention of raiding their resources. If you win, your troops will bring back all of the resources they can carry. Each unit can carry a different amount of resources:
Infantry overload: 80
Cavalry overload: 100
Archer overload: 40
Catapult overload: 40
So say you were attacking a city with 50k of each resource and you wanted it all, and they had 0 cranny (I'll get to the cranny soon) you would require 2000 cavalry, or 2500 infantry, or any combination of troops whose overload equals 200k.
HOWEVER, that is why there is a cranny, to protect people resources. Depending on their cranny level, any resource they have that is below the amount the cranny protects, you won't be able to steal unless you have 'break cranny' skill which you can upgrade in the general tab. If you want to steal resources that are hidden in their cranny, upgrade your break cranny skill. Every level you upgrade your break cranny skill to, you can steal an extra 5% of what's hidden in their cranny, with the maximum amount being able to be taken being 50%.
   11.3 ~ Stealing People's sub cities
If you want to steal people’s cities, you cannot take their main city, only their sub-cities. You can tell the difference between the two because main cities have an orange flag on its square. In order to take a city, you'll need to lower its loyalty to 0, and you also need space for another city. Here's a table of how many branch/sub cities you can have at each level:
Level 1 - 0
Level 2 - 0
Level 3 - 0
Level 4 - 1
Level 5 - 1
Level 6 - 1
Level 7 - 2
Level 8 - 2
Level 9 - 2
Level 10 - 3
Level 11 - 3
Level 12 - 3
Level 13 - 4
Level 14 - 4
Level 15 - 4
Level 16 - 5
Level 17 - 5
Level 18 - 5
Level 19 - 6
Level 20 - 6
Please note those numbers are in addition to your main city, so you have your main city plus the number shown.
Attacking a sub city once AND winning will lower it's loyalty by 10 so it will need to be attacked ten times within a small time frame to capture it, because they regain 10 loyalty every hour after the last attack, with the maximum loyalty being 100.
Also, you can only attack a player 5 times daily, so you'll need a friend to help you lower the loyalty to 0. OR, at 00:00:00 GMT, the Haypi time resets, meaning it's a new day and you can attack another 5 times. So if you attack it 5 times with less than an hour in-between attacks before and after 00:00:00 GMT, you will be able to take the city by yourself.
Of course, it’s not necessary to steal people’s cities, because you can make one from scratch by selecting an empty square on the map. Just press enter on empty land and press ‘create city’. It cost 1000 of each resource.
  12.0 ~ Attacking and Occupying Oases and Forts
   12.1 ~ What are oases?
Oases are places on the map which you can capture to give you a boost in a certain resource per hour. There are four types:
Now depending on which one you capture, and its level, it will give you an extra amount of that resource gradually per hour. Here is a list of how many resources an oasis gives you at each level:
Level 0 - 0
Level 1 - 100
Level 2 - 200
Level 3 - 350
Level 4 - 550
Level 5 - 850
Level 6 - 1250
Level 7 - 1900
Level 8 - 2700
Level 9 - 3700
Level 10 - 5000
  12.2 ~ Occupying an oasis
Now don't think you can just send about 10 infantry to a level 10 oasis and expect to win! The higher level ones actually require a decent amount of troops! The next list will tell you how many catapults are needed to take them:
Level 1 - 5
Level 2 - 10
Level 3 - 25
Level 4 - 50
Level 5 - 75
Level 6 - 100
Level 7 - 200
Level 8 - 300
Level 9 - 500
Level 10 - 1000 - 1500?
Unfortunately I don't know the required amount for level 10s, but they are very rare anyway and it is estimated that only a few will be on the map each day.
You do not gain prestige from killing troops at oases.
Now you can take them with any troop, but catapults are highly recommended, because you will lose almost no troops. Unlike Cities, you only need to attack and win and the oasis is yours. Also, they lose one level EVERY 24 HOURS THAT IT IS OWNED. So, for example, if you captured a level 7 oasis, 168 hours later (aka 7 days) it will be a level 1 oasis. And after another 24 hours it's level will be reduces to 0 and will be resigned automatically.
Once you occupy an oasis, it is recommended that you call back your troops and send them hunting, because if someone scouts your oasis and sees there are troops there, they may attack and gain prestige from you. To call back your troops, go to the cities tab, select the oasis tab and press call back.
  12.3 ~ What are fortified points? (Also known as forts)
Forts, like oases, are places on the map with levels ranging from 1 to 10.
Forts are much more powerful than oases', and require a much greater amount of troops to occupy. Once occupied, they give you an hourly income of money.
Here's a list of how much money each fort gives you per hour:
Level 1 - $20
Level 2 - $40
Level 3 - $60
Level 4 - $80
Level 5 - $100
Level 6 - $120
Level 7 - $140
Level 8 - $160
Level 9 - $180
Level 10 - $200
If you can't be bothered remembering that, just times the level of the fort by 20, and that's how much money it will give you per hour.
12.4 ~ Occupying a fort
As I mentioned before, forts are much more powerful than oases. Here's another list on the amount of catapults needed for each level.
Level 1 - 215 catapults
Level 2 - 428 catapults
Level 3 - 855 catapults
Level 4 - 1410 catapults
Level 5 - 2170 catapults
Level 6 - 3782 catapults
Level 7 - 6255 catapults
Level 8 - 8708 catapults
Level 9 - 14115 catapults
Level 10 - 19830 catapults
Now those are just the rough number of catapults needed for each level, and the numbers will vary depending on your attack, defence, tech levels etc. But some people think that if you just divide the number of infantry the fort has by ten, that's the amount of catapults needed. I suppose that works too....
You do not get prestige for killing troops at a fort.
Like an oasis, it is recommended that you call back your troops after occupying a fort, because if someone scouts your fort and sees troops there, they may attack, kill your troops and gain prestige from you. To call back troops from a fort, go to the cities tab, select the forts tab and press call back.
Forts have a loyalty of 100, and for every successful attack, they loose 40 loyalty. So it will take 3 successful attacks to capture one. Now most forts will also have traps and turrets equal to its level. Forts will only have traps and turrets if it has not been attacked yet, if it has been resigned by a player and hasn't been attacked since or after server maintenance or server merges. So always bring some infantry along to wipe the traps.
     12.5 ~ Farming a fort
Forts also have another use, Farming. Fort farming is almost identical to farming people. You just have to send enough cats to take out the troops and the turrets and some infantry to take out the traps if the fort has them, then after the battle all of your remaining troops will bring as many resources as they can back to your city. Here is, yet again, another list. This one is about how many resources each level fort has unless it has recently been farmed by someone else:
Level 1 - 50k of each resource
Level 2 - 60k of each resource
Level 3 - 80k of each resource
Level 4 - 100k of each resource
Level 5 - 130k of each resource
Level 6 - 160k of each resource
Level 7 - 200k of each resource
Level 8 - 300k of each resource
Level 9 - 400k of each resource
Level 10 - 500k of each resource

Note that if you attack it and capture it, your troops will not bring back resources. Also, you cannot farm a fort that is occupied by a player. Here are the required amount of infantry to take all of the resources from the fort:

Level 1 ~ 2500
Level 2 ~ 3000
Level 3 ~ 4000
Level 4 ~ 5000
Level 5 ~ 6500
Level 6 ~ 8000
Level 7 ~ 10000 
Level 8 ~ 15000 
Level 9 ~ 20000 
Level 10 ~ 25000 
  12.6 ~ Tips on wiping out oasis and fort troops with few losses
Now this is just a basic strategy you can use. There are much more advanced ways, however it's best to start off simple. Here's the basic one:
First round pause all units and target the cavalry with your catapults. Second round, continue to pause all units and target remaining cavalry, or pause all units except for catapults, make them move forward and target archers. Third round, pause all units and target remaining archers, or if all of the archers are gone, have all units paused and target catapults. Now don't worry if your cats aren't in range to attack theirs, because they will automatically target the infantry. Next round, again have all units forward and target catapulted with your catapults. Like the last round, don't worry if your catapults don't attack their catapults, as they will automatically target infantry. Continue doing this until you've wiped out all of the troops, then move your catapults forward to wipe any turrets there may be, and then send your infantry forward to take out any traps there may be.

Another basic one is this:

Pause all units in the first round and make your catapults target the cavalry. Next round continue pausing all units and target cavalry. Next round Again have everyone paused and target the catapults with your catapults. And then target the oncoming infantry.
    13.0 ~ Haypi Terminology
Inf = Infantry
Cav/Cavs = Cavalry
Arch = Archers
Cats = Catapults
Farming = Raiding resources from either a player or a fort.
Starving = Where you don't have enough crop to support the number of troops you have, and so 30% of your troops die, then 30% of your remaining army die after that every hour until you are back in positive crop output.

Cropping = Stealing a player's crop oasis in order to make them starve.
Warping/porting = Using either 20 coins to move one of your sub cities across the map instantly, or paying 40 coins to move your main city across the map instantly. Usually to attack someone with troops.
Pinning = Where you attack someone’s sub city with a slow troop, usually a catapult, to stop the person from warping.
Made by Master_Max from s111
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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

Great guide, Max! It's thorough, and uses minimal copy+pasting. :D
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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

Thanks Arythy! :)


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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

*applauds* great job. Very nicely done :D
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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

very good master max!



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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

good job max! though you didnt fix those things i told you to lol. but great guide ! clearly shows that you arent just copying what other players say and have used your own wordings 


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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

Thanks Comp, Milover and Ojay. Oh and what was it you wanted me to add again? I forgot lol.


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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

One where someone used his brain rather than the expert "Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V".

It takes a brain to write a guide - it takes a mouse to copy something

Well done Max :mrgreen:

p.s I mean expert as in a person experienced in copying and pasting - not Haypi experts...

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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

Very good Max! Very gooindeeedd!
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Re: The Ultimate Haypi Kingdom Beginners Guide

Master_Max wrote: deducted from your prestige gain. E.g. if you kill 100 catapults and 500 infantry, but you loose 50 catapults, 500 prestige will be taken off the

Should be lose. But other than that, awesome guide, far better than any I've seen :)
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