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Monsters I Want To See




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Monsters I Want To See

Fire: One or two pre-evolutions of Phoenix -> Phoenix -> Avionix (Myth)

Water: Seafoam -> Cygness -> Cranie (Myth)

Plant: *Fairy-like Monster* -> Faerivy -> Dryad (Myth)

Rock: *Rock puppy-like monster* -> *Rock dog-like monster* (Epic)

Electric: Raijin and two pre-evolutions (Myth)

Ice: The baby wolf in Lupa's pouch as a pre-evolution of Lupa (Elite)

Physical: Hoggle -> Boarbarian -> Evolution of Boarbarian (Legendary)

Ghost: Squief and two or three evolutions (Legendary or Myth)

Psychic: Anything (Any rarity)

What do you want to see? Reply below! :D



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Re: Monsters I Want To See

More psychic mobsters(monsters)



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Re: Monsters I Want To See


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