Post Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:18 pm

make events available to low-level players + no pay-to-earn

i apologize for the large text here!!

i cannot stress enough how annoying it is when the events are focused more on high-level players / leagues and for those who can pay real life money (huge examples are the titan event and the underwater festival (?? i forgot the name) event). in order to even participate and rack up points, you have to have VERY powerful monsters in order to defeat titans (which you can only have if you're high ranking). these titans are lvl 40-60 by the way, which is automatically unfair to low-level players and low-level leagues. you've essentially disabled their chances of actually getting good rewards, much less even a spot on the leaderboard.

im very lucky to be in the highest ranking league in the game (in fact im very grateful!! i really like the league im in currently), but it bothers me to see lower-level leagues being completely unable to compete. i personally find it incredibly unfair to them.

now for the underwater festival(?), i love the setup of having to complete certain tasks to rack up points AND get rewards, and once you reach a certain amount of points you get more rewards. these rewards become more valuable the more points you gain. however i dislike how certain tasks require players to pay real-life money. i absolutely understand that haypi needs money in order to keep their game up and to make more games, but... you already have this in menu where players can buy bundles with real money. people shouldnt have to pay to do tasks for an event, this isn't fair to those who can't pay real-life money. in my opinion, the tasks should only be achievable by doing tasks in-game.