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In the "Suggestions" branch I propose to change the description to Haypi Monster 3 instead of "Lost Tower".

1. To be honest, in the first place of course I would like more languages. Even if you do not have good translators in the team, there is enough translation from Google. Let the translation be not quite accurate, but at least it is. I'm tired of taking screenshots and translating the image.
2. I would like a better understanding of the community. Unfortunately not everyone knows languages perfectly. Many programs have a function to enable translation. If it were in the game, it would be great.
2.1. Add a choice of language at registration or make its definition automatically as it was in Haypi Monster 2.
3. If you implement paragraph 2.1. You can add one more chat channel. Only the language that was specified during registration or selected in the settings. Then the countrymen will be easier to communicate.
4. After the death of the monster in battle there is no choice whom to summon next, as it was in Haypi Monster 2. It's uncomfortable.
Enough. If it is implemented, many will say "Thank you!")))



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Re: Suggestions

I feel like the battle field could use a lot of work. I feel it's poorly done and rush and could have had a lot more potential by adding more boss sort of things and more consistency with certain stuff. Battling other players with the battlefield doesn't feel as good as it could be either and more work could be done with it. Overall I like the idea but it needs some updates within it to make it feel more like a battlefield and not just something thrown in last minute.

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