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The Top 10 Winners of Brain Storm Contest




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Post Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:05 am

The Top 10 Winners of Brain Storm Contest

Hello my guardians,

Welcome to the Ceremony of Brain Storm Contest! First of all let me introduce the Top 3 Guardians and their creative ideas.

The 1st Prize:Nathan

New Monster
1.Fly(BOSS monster)
It’s a flying monster. Instead of following the path to march towards mushroom, it’ll fly random patterns. It’s fast but after sucking huge amount HP from mogo, its speed will decrease greatly. It’ll attack the mogo every minute.
It’s a kind of spider look monster which has a super shinning gem-look back. When they are marching on the path, its dazzling light from their back offends the tower nearby and makes towers dumb. Kill them with long-range tower.

3.Beetle bug
It has a rocky back so it’s not easy to kill. Also, if you slow down it by bubble or ice, it’ll dig a hole with its powerful mouthparts on path and then disappear. Several sec later, it’ll appear again very near to the mogo. The only thing can stop them is cobweb.

New Tower
It looks like liana or beanstalk. When monster came close, it’ll attack group of them by whips and push them a little bit backwards.


New Game Mode/NewTowers/New Gameplay/New Monsters/New Features

1. Progressive Aspect - Much like candy crush and two dots, introduce new thing obstacles/towers/monsters/etc. as the story mode progresses! This keeps the user interested and provides new obstacles for the user to figure out.

Incorporation - When incorporating the idea's provided by other users through emails, do it in this fashion, to not overwhelm the game player with all these crazy additions all at once but making it part of the current game in stages as they progress

Build off of current game - Start a new mode a second story mode where you are able to start with one tower/one bad guy and then after 10 levels introduce one more tower. this way keeping the current story mode but making a progressive mode. this was kind of done at the first of this game but fizzled out.

2. Users Create Levels and Share Them - There is already a social aspect of the game. make a game building mode where users can create levels, choose monster waves and share it with other users.

Incorporation - Due to the complexity of this idea, I would perceive this being a new app release. "Guadians - Maker of Worlds" or something like that. Now that you have an audience and following, pushing users to this app and having them do the creating/sharing/ranking etc. (much like Mario Builder) wouldn't be too difficult.

3. Survival Mode - much like two dots (releasing a level a day) do the same with your own twist on it. Release a level a day (challenge a day) and make the level really difficult to the point where it never ends and its the users goal to survive as long as possible. and the longer you survive the more of a reward you get. One of the benefits of this is it encourages every user to make sure to get on the game every single day.

4. Ultimate Towers - This ability would either allow you to (only on certain levels) continuously upgrade towers - thereby making them more and more powerful. Or just one extra upgrade, making the tower black and costing a ton! but making it an ultimate tower! This could do the same effect that the pyramid does now but makes the tower always that power.

5. Path Building - To add other towers/obstacles, it could be interesting to be able to build path towers, a new type of tower that somehow effects the monsters on the path (gets them stuck to the path, turns one monster around, makes them have to wait a second before progressing (an opening and closing gate) etc.

The 3rd Prize:Alaya

1.New Gameplay: Kill as many as Possible
Display: A ranked level, where you have to kill a certain number of Monsters for each star
Gameplay: Monsters appear without a certain number of waves, you have to survive as long as possible
Strategy: Find the best combination of towers

2.New Gameplay: End Boss
Display: A level where u have only one wave with a powerful Boss to defeat.
Gameplay: as normal
Strategy: as normal

3.New Monster: Freezer
Display: Freezer can randomly freeze your towers. It marches along until in the range of towers. Then it'll stop. When the tower is frozen, an Iceblock appears around it.
Gameplay: If not eliminated, it will randomly freeze a tower during the way. The Tower won't be able to work for a certain duration.
Strategy: Try to kill the monster fast, it has a weakness to fire based towers. Also fire based towers can unfreeze the frozen towers.

4.New Tower: Shield Tower
Display: Place it next to other Towers, to shield them from freeze attacks. It looks like a big, leafy plant.
Gameplay: When a freezer tries to attack, it shields the Towers around it.
Optional: It throws the snowballs back at the upcoming monsters

5.New Gameplay: Choose Towers
Display: Before starting the level, you can choose from a certain variety of Towers
Gameplay: Make most points with the chosen Towers
Strategy: Find the best combination of towers

6.New Gameplay: Special Level with changed roles
Display: In these levels you change roles. You choose your monsters and try to kill Mogo
Gameplay: Choose Monsters to defeat Mogo
Strategy: Find the best combination of Monsters, Upgrade them



Posts: 629

Joined: Tue May 10, 2011 5:31 am

Post Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:40 am

The Top 10 Winners of Brain Storm Contest

Let's review the 4th to 10th winners' creative ideas!

The 4th Prize:AkaDeano
1.Map suggestion 1:
I would LOVE an 'endless' mode map. Goal be to last as long as you can. But make all towers available OR allow us to pick at the beginning a few to use during the map.
I crave this so much, i sometimes play boss levels and just play the map as long as i can…but you all put in some impossible waves on those maps, so i never get to play as long as i would like. I have played other TowerDefense games that have this feature and i will play those levels FOREVER! Lol.

Map Suggestion 2: I'm not always a fan of these type maps, but whatever. Where the towers map the path for the monsters. So just open map, but you have to build towers to snake the monsters around.

Map Suggestion 3: A map that has 3 levels. Felt like you all could Have saved a lot of time creating maps by having each map have 3 levels to each of them, Easy, Medium, Hard.

2.Monsters suggestion: A monster that will explode when it does and 3 lesser monster come out.
Monster that explodes when it dies and either disables the towers around them, OR just slows their attack speed.
Monsters that become un-targetable every so often. Make it so we can still see them, so grey them out or something, then once they turn full color again the towers will be able to attack them again.

3.Game suggestions some of these i've made in game before but feel they deserve repeated:

Save mode. Sometimes while playing my wife will need me for something or I'll accidentally close out of the game, etc. Be cool if i could start where i left off at when i got back in game.

When the game is paused let us remove the Pylons. Hate being in a clutch situation, pause the game, take speed to x1, play, destroy Pylon, pause game, build tower…when i could just do it all while game is paused.

Make a new boost (already have extra gold at start, power boost, etc) one that will increase Attack Speed, and/or Attack Range of Towers.

Allowing us to see how much damage each tower does, so i can really see which turrets are the best. I RARELY use the Poison Dropper because i feel that it's weak. But I don't know that for sure. But love the Flower Cannon because i love the added explosion with the upgrades.

Why not make more Towers that have added/extra features with each level of upgrade, not talking necessarily about when you upgrade towers with Vermarines, but when you upgrade them in the game.

Also, would be cool if you could implement on each level, or all new levels you make what i would take to get Gold and Silver stars. Example: Beat level with 3 stars, clearing all obstacles, in 12 towers or less for Gold. // for silver, 15 towers or less.
Or whatever, hope that makes sense.

The 5th Prize:Cdw12trust
1.Elite Mode
Adding an elite option on the levels so once you have got three stars you can replay the level with reduced abilities to earn an extra star or gems.

2.New Map
I think it would be good to set up some levels where the track goes through a tunnel as this would add an element of difficulty to the levels

The 6th Prize:pahh88
1.New game mode: Underwater
The creatures would be sharks, jelly fish, etc
The towers would be fish-shape (like nemo for example)

2.New type of game: Im gonna try to explain whats on my mind... in this mode there would be no obstacles, and the player would start with little gold. The player would be able to place tower anywhere in the map, and with the towers he/she would make mazes to try to kill the monsters before they get to the finish line.

3.New tower: A laser that turns monster against each other. So this tower would hit 1 moster every say 10 seconds, and this monster would attack other monsters for a while.

4.New game mode: The player has no towers to place. Towers would fall randomly with parachutes and player would have to catch them quickly.

5.New tower: a tower that swallows enemies. This one should cost mana, something around 75

6.New boost: mines that we can place on the "roads"

7.New boss: This boss would shoot at towers destroying them (I'm gonna regret this)

8.New monster: a monster that paralyses towers for a few seconds (very few please)

9.New tower: a tower that has soldiers. They would deal some damage to monsters plus slow them. This tower should cost somewhere around 280 gold

The 7th Prize:CakeYumCake
1.New Tower
1)Birdseye tower - when enemy is hit it takes increased damage from all other towers for 1.5 seconds.
2)Butterfly tower - flaps wings with very slow rate of fire and when enemies are hit they are pushed back something like a 1/10th of the path.
3)Rubber-Band tower which increases range of all nearby towers.
4)Tissue Box special tower (like piggy bank/ICBM) that when activated lets you rewind 1 level for a 'do-over'.
5)Jelly Doughnut creep that explodes when killed and covers nearby towers with purple jelly slowing their fire rate by 30% for a short duration.

2.New Competition - Players place and upgrade all towers before first wave. They press start and watch without being able to control action. Best scores get prizes per usual competitions.

3.New gameplay - Towers are already placed when starting-all are level 1 (can be uped or sold) no scenery to destroy. Player is given a set # of Path to place connecting start/end. What to sell/keep/longest path is best/etc.

4.Add possibility of negative effects from restraining scenery like taking down a tree destroys some of your nearby towers. #5: Add-on items for towers which boost it for just that level,like adding a feather will boost dmg

The 8th Prize:AndriyCool
1.Executioner tower
Description: a melee tower which swings its axe at
nearby units making them vulnerable for 3 secs on
first level, 3.5 on second level and 4.5 on third. Also
the effect of vulnerability gets better after upgrade:
10% on first, 20% on second and 35% on third. The
tower costs 220 moneys. The towers attack range is
small. The tower fire rate is 0.75 secs.
Strategy: To have a good defence you can place it
near a complex of towers so the monsters get more
damage. Also include a slowing tower near it as it
DOES do damage and also as the tower shoots again
at the monster it restarts the “Timer” of
vulnerability, it will make the monster vulnerable
for even longer.

Description: a gamemode in which you have
unlimited resources and you can choose yourself a
map and send yourself monsters. It is mainly for fun
and unlocks on fiftieth level. You can also choose
what gamemode to play on it (max 2). You can also
choose health for Mogo from 1 to 100. You can
choose towers for yourself to play with.
Gameplay: this gamemode could be used to make
combos of towers and generally make a strategy.
OR you can spam towers and just have fun.

The 9th Prize:13459182845
1.New Tower
Wine Tower
Description:Which can make the monster confused and turned back.

2.New game mode
Rain mode
Description:In the rain mode the road is muddy and the monster will slip to speed up.

3.New Special effects
Increase the visual effects of high-explosive tower

The 10th Prize:Thinkman_nw
1.New Tower: TNT (looks like sticks of Dynamite)
Gameplay: This tower has several unique features. Its range is very large, perhaps the entire screen. It is very expensive, perhaps as much as 2000 coins or more. It can't be upgraded. It can only attack obstacles. Once deployed, all other towers can only attacks monsters.
Strategy: Should players save coins in an effort to buy the tower? If so, it would free up other towers to concentrate on the monsters. If players save coins, they may not have enough regular towers to defend the Mushroom prince. If a player could buy it, it would greatly aid in clearing far off obstacles throughout the screen.

2.New Tower: Medicine (syringe, like a doctor is giving you a shot of medicine)
Display: Medical syringe has healing properties. If a monster gets to the end of the path, it would heal the heart of The Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom. With it, you would target the Mushroom Prince, not monsters. It would have no effect on monsters. It would have a very short range. A relatively high number of "doses" or "shots" from the syringe would revive one of the hearts for the prince. Maybe 50-75 shots, depending on the fire rate. Upgrades could make it shoot faster.
Strategy: Should you spend coins on regular towers, or on healing the prince to get through a level or to get three stars? Should I target the prince to heal, or monsters to selectively defeat them?

That's all. Which one do you like best? Reply this thread whatever you want to say.

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