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"Guardians" Level Design Contest - Samples

Dear gamers,

Guardians official will hold the first Level-Design Contest soon!
From now on you are the designer! Every participant will be rewarded bountifully after the end of the contest. Good levels will be named after the designers and put into the new version of Guardians. Every gamer can play the level designed by you. Your Creative ideas is WANTED! Have a Brainstorm and win the Prize! We're looking forward to your mail!

Sample 1 (Hand drawing)

Level type: Adventure mode
Start resources: Gold 600, Magic 200
Wave: 5
Available towers: Electric Gem, Dizzy beam

1. Build the eletric gem in the beginning of the game. Upgrade it to grade 2. Then try destroying the structures and find dumbell or armor piercer first instead of magic pool. Because the first wave monsters are too powerful for a grade 2 Electric gem.
2. Upgrade the electric gem as soon as possible and destroy the structure with magic doubler.
3. After finding the "magic doubler". Upgrade the armor piercer to grade 3. You can destroy the stucture with magic pool if you wish.
4. Activate the "magic doubler" after owning grade 3 armor piercer. Destroy the right corner structures which is the key step for mastering this level.
5. And then destroy the top right structure to get the ICBM. The ICBM requires huge amount of magic. So, the player can find the magic pool first.
6. Use ICBM for 2 times. The player can find the "magic doubler" in the bottom left corner. Waiting for the success then!

The key element of mastering this level is increase the attack distance of your towers by using the magic doubler. With the help of this boost, your tower can attack farther places. Win the level with the help of other magic tools.

Sample 2 (excel version)

Level type: Time mode
Start resource: Gold 800, Magic 0
Time countdown: 270 sec
Available tower: Electric gem

1. Because of the attack distance, the above structrues is unbreakable at the beginning of the game. The player has to destroy the bottom simple rocks at first.
2. Find the battery at the bottom right corner.
3. With the help of the critical attack by battery, destroy the simple rock above. (Key step)
4. Find the Extra timer in the top left corner. Activate the item to expend the game time.

1. The key of mastering this level is the Extra timer. Although the grade 3 Electric Gem can reach the big rock under the Timer, the big rock is unbreakable in the beginning of the game. The best way is to destroy the simple rock with the help of the critical attack of battery.
2. The key of mastering this level is find the Extra timer by using the special tower.

Looking forward your ideas!~ :idea:
Guardians team