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Haypi's Excellent Warfare Advisors




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Haypi's Excellent Warfare Advisors

Dear Players,

Has Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King ever brought you joy, laughter, sweat or tears? Many of you are already familiar with the Haypi forums and have shared your experiences and tricks here. Now, you can do so for a chance to win awesome rewards.

We would love to see your heroic and martial prowess, so please share your experiences with us!

Activity Details
Duration: From 02:00:00 AM March 12th, 2015 to 01:59:59 AM March 26th, 2015 GMT
Participants: All ROTK players
Where: Reply below
Word Count: No limit
Writing Style: No limit

1 winner for "Best Warfare Advisor" prize (in-game gold equivalent to $100)
1 winner for "Notable Warfare Advisor" prize (in-game gold equivalent to $50)
1 winner for "Talented Warfare Advisor" prize (in-game gold equivalent to $20)

Activity Rules:
1. Post your entry below. All entries MUST be posted underneath the The Return of the King’s Excellent Warfare Advisors activity thread as a REPLY (Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King forum > Activities sub-forum > The Return of the King’s Excellent Warfare Advisors section).
2. Entries are required to contain warfare tips, real combat analysis, strategic analysis…etc. or even your own strategic preferences in Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King (please do not give out any personal information such as email address, bank info, personal addresses, phone numbers, etc.).
3. We'll evaluate your entry based on the logic, reasoning, coherence…etc., and then decide the prizes.
4. Prize winners will be released within 7 working days after the end of "Haypi’s Excellent Warfare Advisors" activity, and then prizes will be delivered within 72 hours after the release of the winner list.

1. Each player SHOULD submit their entry by replying on this thread. Please use the following format to submit an entry (Note: usernames are CASE SENSITIVE):

Username: Helper
Server No: 1
Gameplay Strategy/Tips:


2. Players are allowed to post MORE than one entry. Feel free to edit your entry until the end of the activity. However, the tricks and tactics in activity entries MUST be original.
3. New entries posted after the end of this activity will be automatically disqualified.
4. If you have already written material that you have posted elsewhere over the internet (i.e. an article, a blog, forums) and would like to enter in the activity, you can post the link to it underneath the activity thread with your CASE SENSITIVE account name and server number.
5. Each player can only win once. If a player has made two entries:
One is qualified to the notable warfare advisor prize, the other is qualified to the best warfare advisor prize, and we'll deliver Best Warfare Advisor Prize to the player and then carry over the Notable Warfare Advisor Prize chance to the other player.
6. It's recommended that Chinese players submit entries on the Chinese Forum and Foreign players submit entries on the Global Forum. If a player has participated on both forums, and is qualified to Talented Warfare Advisor prize on the Global forum and the Notable Warfare Advisor prize on the Chinese forum, we'll deliver Notable Warfare Advisor Prize to the player and carry over the Talented Warfare Advisor prize to the other player on the Global forum.

Haypi reserves the right to the final interpretation on this activity.


(出处: Haypi 官方论坛)



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Re: Haypi's Excellent Warfare Advisors

I tend to go all out range units. I will generally go with 2 groups of catapults maxed out and 3 groups of archers. Cats have the range, whilst archers have the speed. I find that anything on foot dies before getting in range and my cats are able to destroy any and all other range units because I am constantly using my college to upgrade "shooting" and gain an advantage against other cats! Although VERY expensive, definitely worth it...

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