Post Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:44 pm


The server admins have been slow to answer my problem through the game.
For some reason my attacking is glitching. When i attack castles or people with turrets, my cats will not hit the turrets! I have them set to hit turrets every turn (they are in green range), and they will hit the wall instead. I do not auto finish! I fight the whole time and target turrets, and after every turn they hit the wall or another troop instead. This week alone this has caused me to lose 7k cats, 20k archers, 10k hops. These losses are outrageous! I have been playing ROTK for about a month now and I played original Haypi for over two years. I do spend money on the game and it has gone to waste due to this game mistake. Please keep in contact with me and reimburse my game account (SmokeyDAbear on region 3 of Haypi ROTK) the resources to rebuild the cats. I can easily rebuild others, it is just a pain. Furthermore I would like a patch to this glitch to come out in a update. Once again. I DO NOT auto finish the battles! Please respond and be helpful since the admin through the game itself are taking hours to respond. I have talked to others and the same thing is happening. I would advise a patch to be created or others like me may begin to stop spending money. The game is great and a much needed upgrade to original haypi kingdom! This glitch just needs to be patched.