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Troops and hero not showing

Hey my name is mike72 and I am in region 2. Terror attacked my lvl 8 sulfur mine at 333,67 with about 2000 troops and i dispatched 4000 knights to defend from my main city at 331,71 with like 12 second dispatch time. His troops arrived right before mine did so i did not get to defend and he occupied it and abandoned it right after. My 4000 knights did not come back and the hero i sent with them (Catrain) did not come back either. I tried logging out and logging back in and training a few knights, but they still aren't there. Now my barracks say 1000/5000 knights and I dont know where they are. Also, I can't use Catrain anymore because she disappeared too. I attacked the sulfur mine and got it back, but my knights were not there so i lost 4000 knights and a hero even though they were never in combat. Also, they are not in any of my sub-cities or in my hospital. Please give me my hero back and my 4000 knights. They are still consuming crop and i am losing crop when the troops aren't even there. I emailed support and they have not done anything and it has been 4 and a half days. Please help me get my knights and hero back.
This is what my barracks shows and the knights are not in any of my oasis's or other cities.
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My hero Catrain is not usable because she is "guarding" but she is not at any of my oasis's or other cities.
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