Post Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:28 pm

Needed Improvements

Hello Haypi,

Here are some of a few needed additions to the game:

1. Advertising the game places so we can gain new players.

2. Cheapers Coins, getting more per pack or making certain things less expensive. Warping should not cost 50 coins and get more expensive each time. It should cost 20 coins like in the old Haypi.

3. Actual new updates and they be can small or big just something new to the game.

4. Holiday events and pack sales like in the Old Haypi.

5. Server Maintenance, the last few weekends the game has went down and it usually does mot get turned on for 2-3 days.

6. More ways to achieve upgrade equipment like rushing or gaining it from world map combats.

7. Get the World Boss to work!

8. Translate Mail

I hope you take the time to look into these.
Servers I have Played(some are merged now):

Server 14: Delvon
Server 36:Mcs
Server 74: Mcs.
Server 80: Mr.Mcs
Server 95: LostFaith