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Suggestions for ROTK

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Suggestions for ROTK

Hi ,

I recently picked up ROTK again after years of not playing Haypi, I played a lot of the old Haypi kingdom and played a bit of ROTK also, but ive got some suggestions that I think would improve the game. So I hope support are still active on forums.

1) Advertise this game more! Currently you have relatively small number of players on the most recent region compared to the old Haypi kingdom, probably because this game is never advertised anymore, and a large proportion of the accounts on these servers seem to be one person controlling 10+ alt accounts. We need more new players to make the game interesting!

2) Fix the bugs. The clocks changed in the UK roughly 2 weeks ago if I remember correctly, and the ingame clock is still not modified to suit that, I assume that the daily tasks and activities etc are supposed to reset at 12:00 because its the start of the new day? Im not sure about other timezones but currently it resets at 1:00am. Furthermore, on the tips screen when loading into the game there is a particular message stating that you get 15 world map prestige hits per day, currently this does not reset so players only get 5, im not too bothered about this but if you have told us that we can then it should actually work.

3) Guide!!! (Help section) I have been to the guide a few times now, and my honest opinion of it is that its really not extensive enough to help new players. If the pages on the guide are actually finished (which some aren't) then they do not include enough information to tell new players how to play the game ! I dont know whether the devs gave up half way through the guide, or the hyperlink is broken but ruins exploration has only an image on the page, so I have no idea what that is.

4) Commanding. At the moment, commanding has issues that can cause the troops that you are commanding to hit the wrong opposing troops, this can mean that you lose troops due to the problem. Also, if you go into command when the first round of command is about to start, then you can put in commands for your troops but they will not do what you have said and will just auto command, this also means that players could lose troops from this command issue.

5) Take advice from players, we are the ones playing it. I think if you asked the players what they want to see from your game, then you will get a lot more activity on your game and therefore more money generated by it. From posts I have seen on the forums there was a very large number of people who quit this game because of the updates that were implemented, so instead of putting in these updates straight away or just not giving us any updates at all why don't you ask your players what they want to see from your game?

Overall you just need to spend some time on the game, don't forget about all the players that love the Haypi Kingdom games and want to continue playing them, if you continue to ignore these games then your player base is just going to keep decreasing, and if you are focusing on newer Haypi games hoping to make more revenue from them, you are still missing out on a lot of income from these games from the amount of coins I see some people purchasing.

Hope someone from the support team or dev team reads this,

- DanB
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Re: Suggestions for ROTK

Yeah I agree, this game is awesome and you've gotta let more people know about it

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