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Tournament Challenger Winners List

Dear Players,

Are war horns blowing louder and louder? Have you made yourself known to the world yet?

The "Tournament Challenger" activity ended some days ago and after our tabulations and double-check, now we are proud to announce the winners:

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You can download the complete winners list HERE:
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Congrats to all the winners. Rewards have been delivered to Top 2-Top 10 generals in the form of mail attachments. Please claim them in time to avoid any unnecessary losses.

For Top 1 player, please contact us with your registry email to claim your iPad Air!!

More activities are on their way, please stay tuned in for more news.

To help you explore further in the game, please refer to our official tutorial:

If you have any questions regarding the gameplay, please feel free to contact us at

Have fun in your ROTK adventure!

Best Regards,

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