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What's New 1.0.9




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Post Tue May 12, 2015 8:16 am

What's New 1.0.9

What's New 1.0.9
1.Several modifications have been applied to PVE levels and Trial Towers:
a)They've become more challenging.
b)Healing Rate in PVE levels and Trial Towers have been increased.
c)You will get better drops from passing the 10th checkpoint of each trial tower from now on.
2.Epic Hero Card mechanism has been modified. From now on when you refresh your Tavern with the epic card for a certain amount of times, a random legendary hero will be guaranteed.
3.A Tome of Heroes has been introduced, through which players can check all the heroes and their details.
4.The troop force of sorcerers, catapults and royal knights in On Guard activity has been decreased. Soulstone output upon the mentioned troops' sacrifice has also been decreased.
5.Respective troop's MDEF has been increased.
6.Royal spots have been added to Dailies > Activities. Players can acquire soulstones by occupying those spots on the world map. Royal spots will be available after GMT 00:30 AM every day and soulstones accumulate over time.
7.From now on, if you take over a player's city (manors, forts and castles…), all inner city buildings and outer city resource buildings' level will be decreased by 1. When the ownership of an occupied city (manors, forts and castles…) gets changed, the specific spot will be put into a 24-hour shield.
8.The insufficient transport teams' error in Market has been fixed.
9.Previously, some cities'(manors, forts, and castles…) loyalty got stuck at 25 and never restored, this issue has been corrected.
10.From now on, when you are being attacked or plundered, you can quick-access the target city (or the city where the target oasis is attached to) by tapping on the horse icon.
11.The rule of Plunder activities has been changed. Now it is also count into the activity score if you plunder a player's resource buildings.
12.Previously, when your main city's troops have maxed, troops from your lost branch cities were still sent back to it, causing the main city troop count to exceed Barracks' maximum capacity. Now this error has been corrected. So hereafter, the remaining troops from your lost branch city will no longer be sent back to your main city after its Barracks' max capacity is reached.
13.The World Boss activity will be temporarily disabled for further optimizations. Please keep tuned in for news about its reopening.
14.VIP's Healing Rate add-on during PVE level challenges has been decreased.



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Re: What's New 1.0.9

There are some things in this patch that need to addressed ASAP.

1. What's the chance to get a legendary hero without a card? I've logged in 237 days, refreshed throughout the days, used cards, and have NEVER gotten a legendary hero. What is the chance on a legendary if no cards are used? I am NOT buying 15 more cards at 200 coins each to get a legendary hero. That's 3000 coins or about $250 per legendary. It's not worth it.
2. Can't find Tome of Heros.
3. Royal spots not showing up on my activities page.

Point number 7 on the patch needs to be completely taken out. This is a terrible idea.
So, if someone steals a city, you not only have to wait 24 hours to take it back, all your stuff is also downgraded. If the person who stole your city has an alt, they can have the alt steal it and further downgrade it, and also lock it up in war refuse while they are doing it. WHY would you do this to the players? REMOVE THIS FEATURE FROM THE PATCH.

As for the healing rate for VIP. That's not fair. People bought those VIP levels because of the stat increases. It costs real money to get to the higher level VIP and get those stats. To take away something that someone has paid for is not right.



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Re: What's New 1.0.9

Hi there,

Legendary heroes are rare and they are hard to get. The odds is based on the system's random algorithm and there's chance to get a legendary hero from Epic Hero Card refreshes (1 legendary hero is guaranteed once the refreshes reach a certain amount).

Royal spots are available after GMT 00:30 AM every day and soulstones accumulate over time, as it refreshes you can start searching the spots on the world map and then occupy them for soulstones or materials.

Tome of Heroes can be accessed via Tavern > tap on the Refresh button (please make sure there's a cooldown ongoing while trying to access Tome of Heroes.

Regarding point 7, we've received many similar feedback about point 7 and we will consider and see what we can do to improve.

We'll improve and we really appreciate all the trust and support you guys and girls have shown to us. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Haypi Team

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