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Haypi's World Cup Frenzy Prize Details

This post reveals the details of the $USD equivalent prizes in respective Haypi Games for the Haypi's World Cup Frenzy Activity. Please NOTE that if you win a prize, the prize will go directly to the game and username which are included in your activity entry. Entry content can't be editted after the end of the activity.

Activity Prizes
One winner for 1st Prize (equivalent to $100 USD)
Two winners for 2nd Prize (equivalent to $50 USD)
Three winners for 3rd Prize (equivalent to $20 USD)
20 winners for 4th Prize (equivalent to $5 USD)

*There'll be a total of 26 prize winners for Haypi's World Cup Frenzy activity.

Prize Details
Haypi Kingdom:
1st Prize: 1600 coins
2nd Prize: 750 coins
3rd Prize: 270 coins
4th Prize: 50 coins

Haypi Dragon:
1st Prize: 3200 coins
2nd Prize: 1500 coins
3rd Prize: 540 coins
4th Prize: 100 coins

Haypi Monster:
1st Prize: EITHER a pair of Pegasuses OR a pair of Bahamuts
2nd Prize: 200 coins+ Premium Rune Gem x5
3rd Prize: 100 coins+ Premium Rune Gem x3
4th Prize: 50 coins + Premium Rune Gem x 1

Haypi Pirates:

1st Prize: 5000 Rubies + LV 6 Material x8
2nd Prize: 2500 Rubies + LV 5 Material x5
3rd Prize: 1000 Rubies + LV 5 Material x 2
4th Prize: 200 Rubies + Special Material x1

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower:
1st Prize: a Sneopard + 300 coins
2nd Prize: a Superioritey + 200 coins
3rd Prize: a Seal Card Box + 100 coins
4th Prize: 50 coins

Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory:

1st Prize:
Purple Crystal Ball x10, Blue Crystal Ball x20, Skill Scroll x50, Rum x100, Silvermaking Pass III x20

2nd Prize:
Purple Crystal Ball x5, Blue Crystal Ball x10, Skill Scroll x25, Rum x50, Silvermaking Pass III x10

3rd Prize:
Blue Crystal Ball x10, Skill Scroll x10, Rum x20, Silvermaking Pass III x5

4th Prize:
Blue Crystal Ball x3, Rum x10, Silvermaking Pass III x2