Post Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:40 pm

This game is going down

Dear Haypi,

I’m not sure if you care about this game anymore and I’m seeking your help to advise should I quite this game once and for all.
There is no signs of any development and once a player reach level 49 it’s the end of their game.
You are being stingy with good orange heroes and viability Citrine plus any new ideas for attractive activities.
We are losing interest and many players are quitting, I think the only players around are the ones you know them already
Alliance Tourney is not interesting anymore due to the lack of participation.
Players including myself don’t see the value for their money spent on this game.
I think it’s a matter of a couple month and Haypi Adventure is going to have ZERO activity and we are all quitting unless you do something urgently.
I was enjoying the game in the past but now I’m sorry to say that the count down has started.