Post Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:54 pm

The Hoard

The hoard was a massive fail. I think the best way to get alliances playing again is to either make every alliance carry a minimum amount of gold in their gold banks or to make a good base win amount when you beat an alliance based off of the defensive points of their guardians (The defensive points of the guardians would tell you how tough or easy that alliance was to beat), and then you'd get more based on the amount of gold they're actually holding in their bank. The reason no one plays is because there's not enough gold out there to make it worth it. The top alliances were the only ones that ever had anything and they can only beat each other, no one can beat Dark Hunters, and only Dark Hunters can beat NWO, the next two alliances can barely beat each other and are only losing to NWO and Dark Hunters. So without change it doesn't work. The lower alliances have no one to hit because no one has gold in their banks, which means they have no reason to play, and when they don't play the top 2 alliances have no one to hit either. Even if you don't prefer this exact way of doing it, you need to think of a way to get the lower alliances playing to stop the domino effect it causes when they don't. It would benefit you to get this running differently because alliances spend gold to update their blessings, which is just more money in your pocket.

Also, the win amount shouldn't be random, it should be based off of the amount of damage done compared to the amount of ships lost. Same as AT. By making it random the ranks are based partially off of luck rather than which Alliance did a better job.