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Feedback on New Updates




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Post Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:24 am

Feedback on New Updates

Hi Support,

Personal feedback on the new update which we have

Relic - The amount of resources from relic seem to be excessive

Bonus Resources from Plundering - The amount of bonus resources gain seem to be on the excessive side. Suggested that this is correlated to the amount of unprotected resources

Server Merge - What is the ETA for the merging of the servers?

Pirate Cove - This whole idea needs to be review. The amount of resources which can be plunder pale in comparison to others. i would suggest that we can increase the amount of resources to a more reasonable amount. Another idea is for the players to "plant" a combat team to harvest the resources after winning the battle.

PvP - Currently this game is very much focused on 1 vs 1. Alliance cannot help to defend nor attack. I would suggest to incorporate a different gameplay to shift the game dyanmic toward an alliance aligned gameplay instead of focusing on 1 vs 1

Furbish - Wave 70 is currently the maximum level. Suggest to incoporate another new level

Player level / Building / Ships - Currently alot of players are nearing the maximum level in the game. I would suggest reviewing this to increase the dynamic of the game

Above are all my personal thoughts and appreciate if the developer can take a look at this. Anyway Kudos to all the effort in this game!



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Re: Feedback on New Updates

Right then.... my first post, despite playing this game from the 1st week it came out!

Incase support are not aware 300 Spartans pretty much single handedly ruined server 1 with his relentless "dirty farming" of players resource buildings... most people got sick of it and quit. If you want players on all servers to quit then yes do a server merge!

On to the update in question... I like this update. For the average player who does not spend all day stealing from other players resource buildings, it makes it more possible to save up for the expensive upgrades.

I would say a good change would be to reduce the percentage you take from a players resource building when you destroy it. Im pretty sure most of server 1 would agree with this!

Increasing level / building / tech / furbish cap... fine by me. I imagine the developers are working on this as the limits have gradually raised during the course of the game.

This is the only app game I play and I think its great... Keep up the good work Haypi!

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