Post Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:48 am

Notice of New version with Alliance Tourney in advance

The new version with Alliance Tourney will be submitted to itunes for review this week. Here is the introduction of Alliance Tourney activities:

1. The activity auto-opens based on a system algorithm.
2. Each round contains the following periods: Enrollment, Challenge, and Rest period. Enrollment lasts 1 day, Challenge period lasts 2 days, and Rest period lasts 4 days.
3. A bidding system is applied to the enrollment. Alliance leader or vice leader enroll using alliance fund. The system will run a calculation and grant qualifications to the 5 alliances with the highest enrollment fees. The rest of the alliances will have their enrollment fees refunded. If there were less than 3 alliances enrolled, the round of Alliance Tourney will be cancelled and all alliances will have their enrollment fees refunded.
4. No real losses involved. Each alliance needs to appoint 10 participant members, each member has 10 challenges.
5. Participants can initiate a challenge on any alliance listed. Once an opponent alliance is selected, the participant needs to challenge the opponent members one by one according to their defense strength from strong to weak. Defeated opponent members can’t be challenged again.
6. Starring Rules: 1) When attacker’s lost tonnage percentage is smaller than 50%: Attacker +3 attack stars, Defender -2 defense stars. 2) When attacker’s lost tonnage percentage is between 50% and 75%: Attacker +2 attack stars, Defender -1 defense star. 3) When attacker’s lost tonnage percentage is bigger than 75%: Attacker +1 attack star, Defender -0 defense star.
7. Each alliance start with 80 defense stars, defense stars will be deducted on each loss until they drop to 0.
8. Each alliance enjoys star bonus when challenging every other alliance. Each victory amongst the first 20 victories will bring 3 attack star bonus respectively.
9. Alliance Tourney’s Ranking will be based on each alliance’s total stars (attack stars + defense stars).
10. All members who’ve met the participant requirement(s) can gain honors as a reward according to their alliance’s rank. Honors can be used to craft alluring crystals!
11. The Top alliance will have their Name flickering in gold until the next round of the Alliance Tourney starts.