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Server 609 Expert Nominations




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Server 609 Expert Nominations

Please Recommend Nominees for Experts

New servers are coming in and we need to elect Experts for the servers. All the players are encouraged to recommend nominees whom you think suitable for the positions. Please refrain from nominating yourself! This is generally frowned upon and we will know if you do or not.

We are looking for nominees who:

• Show respect for other players
• Are patient and fair
• Helpful
• Display any other good qualities for Experts



What is an Expert?

Expert is an honorary title for outstanding players who have loved the game, written beautiful reviews for it, posted threads about it in other forums, and helped new players in a friendly and responsive manner. Expert is the highest honor bestowed upon players. Salute to our devoted players!

There are just a few Experts in each server. Experts are selected based on favorable response from other players and Haypi Kingdom staff's observation. Experts will enjoy VIP time for free. Please note Expert title is not permanent, and it is evaluated regularly for performance



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Re: Server 609 Expert Nominations

I would like to nominate 2 haypi players for server 609 expert. We highly need this because there is only one expert that i know of on this server and she is inactive i havent seen her in months. So for a while there has been no experts in our server.

I highly recommend Sick.One_ and WipedYou. for haypi experts
Both are kind players, helpful, respectful, patient and knowledgeable. Sick.One_ i always see him helping new players with questions and knows the game very well and he remains respectful in world chat. And the same goes for WipedYou. he is all of the above as well he was a previous expert in a different server, and thus has experience with being expert.

Both of these members are worthy of being Expert and I highly recommend them. Please consider them, server 609 lacks an expert and really needs one and these two have already helped many new players already, thank you!



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Re: Server 609 Expert Nominations

For server 609 expert I recommend Sick.One_
He has vast experience in the game and does not cause any problems in world chat and will offer his knowledge to the new players who require assistance.



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Re: Server 609 Expert Nominations

I also nominate sick.one_ he is very active and would make a great expert



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Re: Server 609 Expert Nominations

I nominate me.

I'm active social always watching and communicating in chat and think I'd be a good mod. Plus we really need one

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