Post Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:52 am

Haypi Monster Android Version 1.5.6


1. 回合结束时双方均触发潜能导致卡住的bug修正
2. 技能升级功能实现

3. 已经完成新手的玩家会再次弹出四格漫画选择性别的bug修正

4. 土耳其语言下打开宠物图鉴崩溃bug修正

5. 玩家信息界面添加invite code显示

What's New:
1. Freeze problem has been fixed on Ladder Tournament and PVP challenges when each side has their respective mystery talent activated at the end of a turn.
2. Skill Upgrade feature has been introduced.
3. Error has been corrected in the opening storyline. Now players who have completed the start-up tutorial will not see the storyline and choose avatar pages again.
4. Force Close problem has been fixed on opening Encyclopedia under the Turkish language environment.
5. Inviter code is now viewable in My Info (Home > My Info > underneath the portrait field)

The Google Play and Amazon versions are both available now.

Please stay tuned for up-to-date news.