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Okkkkaaaaaay this is going to be a long post but support PLEASE bear with me.

Here's what happened...

I first installed and began playing this game about maybe 1 or 2 years ago. Since that time I have put A LOT of hard work and effort into my main account game and I have almost unlocked EVERY monster. Not to mention I have VIP5 and paid about 200 or more USD worth of real currency to pay for gold coins to advance this account and make it as strong as it is.

Then somewhere along the way I forgot my main accounts password and went 6 months to a year without access to it. They FINALLY helped me reset it.

Now I have an entirely DIFFERENT issue... here it is...


Okay so as before mentioned, I was stuck out of my main account for the longest time on account of a forgotten password. I JUST NOW after 6 months or more of asking support to help me reset it, got a reply through support within my game application. When I checked the message they sent me a website link where I could have my old password emailed to the email on my main account so I could know it and use it to reset my password right from that website link. So here I am, FINALLY, back into my main account.

The problem I am having is similar to all of you here, except the reason I cannot log into my old main account from my OLD HTC Desire 626 Android phone and put it on my NEW ANDROID PHONE, I cannot log in! Each time I try to log in the game says "USER DOES NOT EXIST" and it forces me to start a NEW account on a NEW default server called "3001" instead of letting me be on server 3103 (which is where my main account is).

So now.... I feel like all that HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS I spent on gold coins for this game on my main account to advance as far as I did and all my hard work and effort is for NOTHING now. They basically took my money and ran with it out the door because I have a NEW phone now and can no longer EVEN PLAY on my old account. Im being FORCED to ditch all my hard work and coins and encyclopedia book filling up almost complete because of this.

And then I find out Haypi Inc has STOPPED Haypi Monster from being able to run let alone even be DOWNLOADED and INSTALLED to any android phone device and the game is NO LONGER available on Google Play Store. When I search HAYPI on my old phone to reinstall it on the old AND new phone, IT IS NOT THERE.

I had to do a workaround by installing the AMAZON APP STORE app onto my phone by allowing unknown install sources, and then look up this game by title using the Amazon App program on my phone and then only then could I install it ON MY NEW PHONE as well as back on my old one.

But the issue is, once I install it on my NEW android phone, Im stuck on server 3001 and CANNOT even use the "reference code" feature using a friends ref code on their account to GET ONTO the old 3103 server where all my friends, my boyfriend, and my main account is.

So now Im stuck forced into playing AN ALL NEW ACCOUNT and starting all over again!!! This is ridiculous! I spent MONTHS if not a year or two working on that account and now because they drop it for android and remove it from play store, I can no longer use my old account or play on it or enjoy my VIP5 perks? WTF? They need to SERIOUSLY put it back up on android google playstore for download and or fix my broken account, or at least COMPENSATE ME by returning to me on my NEW ACCOUNT all the gold coins I paid for on my old one.

That would only be fair! >:( :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :( :( :evil:



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Post Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:37 am


I think this has been happening to a lot of people. I played on my kindle and was quite good, until a couple weeks ago the game just started telling me my user does not exist. Thankfully I am in contact with one of my friends from the game and learned they had the same problem. I have no idea what's going on but im pretty sure this game is getting neglected and the makers just don't care anymore. Sorry Morgana

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