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Re: Name Your Favorite Monsters!

TheTrump wrote:My favorites?

Fire: Cerberus, just great design and overall good use in battle
Water: Hydra (HOODRA), what's not to love about HOODRA?
Plant: Bud, the greatest monster in the universe (reply if you know what I mean ;))
Electric: Chimera, I don't have it, but I LOVE its design
Ice: Fenrir, enough said. Absolute best thing ever.
Ghost: Vertedeath, great use in battle, nice design
Psychic: Mystijel, design. Amazing work. Very original.
Physical: Flaunt, I love its description, and it has a nice design.
Earth: Brawny, it's amazing, I've used it on all of my alternate accounts.

I know what you mean ;)
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