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Monster Analysis

Ok so instead of hating on the game for once, I'll do something useful. Every few weeks or so, I'll try and add an analysis piece of monsters that everyone can use to improve their skills. Ofc this is partially my opinion, partial fact. For the first analysis, I'll be doing the famous Cygness. Also I don't know everything so some stuff might be wrong

Talents- Shun (Moves such as Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom will not work while this monster is active), Water Therapy ll (Heals a moderate amount each turn while rain is active), Water Therapy lll (Heals a large amount each turn while rain is active), Intimidate.

Evolution Line
Seafoam -> Cygness.

Location: Can be found at Canyon 13- Expert Mode on a cave tile.

Analysis- Cygness is a very powerful monster. It is obtained rather early and is a great addition to most teams. It's overall stats are not great compared to other waters, but the thing that makes it stand out is it's gargantuan hp stat. Paired with its one-of-a-kind talent, Water Therapy lll, Cygness is capable of healing big amounts of its hp every turn the rain is active. Cygness works well in a 1v1, but works particularly well with strong attackers that go well with rain, such as Neon and Rhor. While in a pvp match, Cygness is a center-of-attention monster, while your attacker deals heavy damage to the opponents.

Skill sets. These are the ones I find most common,- Water Bombs, Whirlpool, Waterspout, Rain Prayer

Water Bombs, Tsunami, Waterspout, Rain Prayer,

Water Bombs, Sewage, Waterspout, Rain Prayer

Water Bombs, Erupting Spring, Water Droplet, Rain Prayer

Water Bombs, Sewage, Tsunami, Rain Prayer.

Water Bombs, Cunning, Poison Paw, Rain Prayer

As you can see, Water Bombs is a great damage skill for all water monsters, and Rain Prayer is crucial for Cygness, as without it, Water Therapy lll will not work. This talent is what makes Cygness so overpowered. Be aware that Cygness's defensive stats are not the greatest, so a monster like Neon an Rhor can easily defeat it, as in that circumstance, Rain Prayer is Cygness's downfall.

My Rating- 3/5
Definitely a great monster, and very few monsters can match up to it. Definitely recommended for all teams. However, it has many counters that make it dead in an instant.

Tell me if u want more of these or if these suck and I should go burn myself