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Language option

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Language option

How about to let the player decide which language they want to use ?
If i took my situation as example, the french translation is so poor / horrible, i would love to be able to play in english again ...

Maybe this is already available. If so, thanks to tell me how to specify another language. Thanks.

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Re: Language option

Change your phone setting's language.

The game will automatically match your iPhone.

Fr example, your phone has English system, your game is in English,

You phone is French, game will display french



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Re: Language option

pizymisa wrote:Change your phone setting's language.

The game will automatically match your iPhone.

Fr example, your phone has English system, your game is in English,

You phone is French, game will display french

I guess what Kanthar wanted to say is to have two different languages between your iDevice and the game... The possibility to choose language in the game and keep it in English, while our phone settings stay in French.


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Re: Language option

Hi Kanthar,

The idea has already been submitted to Haypi's programmers/game designers. However, I do not know if or when it can become available. Currently, the App Store itself is the one that handles Haypi Monster's multi-language features.

Haypi's QA testers have also been testing the French version and other language versions in order to reduce the crashing.




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Re: Language option

Hi I have to say the french version of the translation of the game is bad. The first thing i would change about the version is that I would leave all of the monsters have the same in french and english since i like to chat with other players if the n'aime aren't the same it makes it really painfull to understand wich monster the other player is talking about. Clearly i would love to have the option in the game to choose the language i use un it since the translation is so poor. Thanks and sory about my english



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Re: Language option

The question is:
What is in french? (or other languages!)

is it the game translated in french?
In this case:
-is it a auto translation by tool?
-is it translated by somebody?
Or does the phone taduces it?

The fact is: I won't say the translation is bad, I would say it doesn't exist: as if each word were just litteraly transposed to other languages, and here we are: this is a perfect example! let's try!
If I say:

Le fait est: Je irai pas dire traduction est mauvais, je irai dire ca fait pas existe: comme si chaque mot était juste littéralement transposé à autre languages, et ici nous some: ca est un parfait exemple! laissons essayer!
or something like this.

I didn't calculated, but if you know the red makes non sens (or just really uncomfortable reading) it represents at least 50% of the paragraph.

Cause "here we are" isn't replaced by "ici nous sommes" but "nous y sommes" (much word are reversed between those languages) but ALSO by "ca y est" or "voilà" or "on est arrivé"... (translations are fully context dependent!)

I think this is the same for every translations, in every sens, between each languages:
you have differences with rules, words, and even concepts.
Cause when I learned english, I thought fun that there are words that reprent concepts.
like free: we say sugar free in english, not sugar less, nor without sugar.

If you want correct various languages versions, it requires works with skilled translators. I am not, I'm just a frenchy who could survived if I were launched in an english speacking populations. But I already see a lot of improvements, it wouldn't be hard to find some people to do the job.

Next then, it is to haypi to decide what it wants. Hope it helps! ;)

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