Post Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:41 am

Chat Rules

Please follow the rules below when using Haypi Chat. For full details, visit the forums.

1 Do NOT post the personal information of others without their consent. This includes but is not limited to: e-mail correspondence, contact information, photographs, financial information, and social security numbers.

2 Do NOT disrespect other players IN ANY FORM. If you have issues with other players, you should contact Support.

3 Do NOT publicly insult another player or Support in game or on forums. If you have to make a complaint, you should contact the administrator privately.

4 Do NOT argue with experts in Haypi Chat (includes but not limited to chatrooms in Haypi Kingdom, Haypi Dragon, Haypi Monster and/or Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower). Forward any screenshots showing neglectful attitude, abuse of power, or other inappropriate conduct to HAYPI SUPPORT ONLY:
Haypi Kingdom--->
Haypi Dragon--->
Haypi Monster--->
Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower--->
Haypi Pirates--->
Haypi Adventure--->
Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King--->

5 Do NOT post derogatory, vulgar or otherwise offensive language, comments, emoticons, at any time. Do not post links to foreign sites.
Sensitive material is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to illegal, harmful, offensive, threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, or hateful language.

6 Alliance or account names containing sensitive material will be dealt with accordingly by administrators. Do NOT post in public chat if you have registered with a username that is deemed offensive, vulgar or inappropriate in any other way.

7 Discussion of illegal activities is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: illegal drugs, fraud, violence, hacking, software piracy and sexual harassment.

8 Alliance recruitment posts are NOT to be posted within 5 minutes of each other. Ad length should not exceed 10 lines.

9 Although you can discuss other games in Haypi Chat, do NOT post advertisements for them. Advertising for other companies and products through our chat features is prohibited.

10 Do NOT avoid/circumvent mutes by logging onto alternate accounts.

11 Do NOT exploit a bug. Please immediately report bugs to Support via in-game or email.

12 Using other programs to give yourself an unfair advantage is forbidden.

13 Do NOT spam the chat with referral requests, as it could be taken as a violation to the rules.

Breaking the rules can result in warnings, mutes and/or chat-bans, while repeat offenders maybe subject to further disciplinary actions.