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Re: About Registration

there is an edit button for a reason
dont double post please omega
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Re: About Registration

i completely understand where patisco is coming from, v2.1 is rubbish and needs to be rebooted all the time to access chat,what he needs is to be able to find a site where he can download v1.9, then in theory once installed on itunes he could remove app from phone and than sync with itunes to get 1.9



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Re: About Registration

A while ago I was wondering the same thing. I don't think there is:( I assume you want to restart because you should have upgraded more in the beggining, or you wanted to build more troops, or use your skill points differently. However you learn something along the way. Choose not to live in the land of should have:)

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Re: how can u reset?

Nope, no way
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