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Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:19 am

Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

Congratulations! The winners of Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb. 2013) are:

Prize    Forum ID     Entry Link 
1st Prize   TeaVilla     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=60#p176502

2nd Prize   Atlantis     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p176204

2nd Prize   DeNira     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=80#p177888

2nd Prize   drooraffe     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175868

3rd Prize   Marionette     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175644

3rd Prize   Kanteleo_284     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175629

3rd Prize   MonstaHunta     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=80#p177870

3rd Prize   ern_ignacio     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175686

3rd Prize   Lord.Rex     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175633

4th Prize   Muskrat     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175856

4th Prize   Melissalyy     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=80#p177886

4th Prize   Tabiboy     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=80#p177855

4th Prize   SwiftDeath_599     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175676

4th Prize   SnackCity     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175683

4th Prize   WinTun     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p176067

4th Prize   vincywolf     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p176126

4th Prize   Daniel     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p177759

4th Prize   spongebom     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175607

4th Prize   dksoul     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=60#p176352

4th Prize   GamerNz     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175600

4th Prize   pocket     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175715

4th Prize   Rs_Same     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175611

4th Prize   serenearth     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175585

4th Prize   TheSin     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175626

4th Prize   Stormi     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=80#p177881

4th Prize   Chezzire     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p177725

4th Prize   ItsJellie     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p176121

4th Prize   Saeko123     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175760

4th Prize   mvgbolex22     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175732

4th Prize   MrBolt     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175605

4th Prize   nung_nakarin     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175601

4th Prize   ajohn5     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p176129

4th Prize   cconnolly44     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175699

4th Prize   bennyo20     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175716

4th Prize   joostry     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p177723

4th Prize   RiotZone     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=50#p175945

4th Prize   Clabsx     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175597

4th Prize   killxthexjoy     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175758

4th Prize   xxwh95xx     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=60#p176366

4th Prize   huubaonguyen     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175782

4th Prize   babyJgale     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p177383

4th Prize   awesomegirl     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175697

4th Prize   Funckyfresh     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175642

4th Prize   Prevoker     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175654

4th Prize   alienpika     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175810

4th Prize   lunartalesT     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=60#p176262

4th Prize   BienSong     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175916

4th Prize   sniperpal_791     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175680

4th Prize   booyaka1434     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=60#p176697

4th Prize   Nemlo13     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175687

4th Prize   blazing5     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=40#p175773

4th Prize   CELESTIAL     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=30#p175705

4th Prize   Kingjio12     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175622

4th Prize   Cdragon     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p176905

4th Prize   MrStronk     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=10#p175641

4th Prize   Hanksta07     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175648

4th Prize   KNog124400     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=70#p177094

4th Prize   crymtyme     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511#p175602

4th Prize   kanatip     viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511&start=20#p175658

For prizes details please: viewtopic.php?f=704&t=17511

1. All prizes will be delivered within 3 working days.
2. Players who win the same prize are listed in no particular order.
3. If you are the first prize winner, please contact monstersupport@haypi.com and tell us the gender you want your Purity to be.



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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:01 pm

Thank You Haypi

This is such a surprise for me because there are many original and great entries from other players. I'm very happy to be chosen as the first winner. I'm more of a forum reader, but for this 2nd post, I want to send my congratulation for other winners. And most of all, Thank You Haypi for such a wonderful reward.

Server 15

I've send email regarding the gender request, but as might as well I write it here too. I would like the Purity a Male gender. Thank you.



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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:44 pm

Re: Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

You deserve it TeaVilla. When I saw your entry, Ive never aimed to get the first prize because I knew it would be you. Nice job!

Also thanks Haypi for choosing me as runner up. Didnt expect it really :)


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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:19 pm

Re: Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

Gratz to everyone who won. I myself truly enjoyed participating in the writing competition. Thanks Haypi


Muskrat - Server 16
~<1926 Bulova Conqueror>~


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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:04 pm

Re: Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

Congrats to everyone and especially to TeaVilla! Your entry is no doubt the most artistic and very interesting.

I actually didn't think I'd won because of the posts I saw but I guess the uniqueness (is that even a word? lol) of my entry got me to third. :lol:



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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:32 pm

Re: Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

Woohoooo!!! Thanks Haypi! :)))




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Post Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:27 pm

Re: Winners of the Haypi Monster Writing Competition

Thank you Haypi people...

I appreciate you for letting me reply, and I'm glad I got to be with 100 of those coins. I needed those coins. Thanks again! I'm fourth place, I am so glad!

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