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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

This is Cdragon from the ONE the ONLY Server ONE! My experience with Haypi Monster has been such a great an enriching experience. I have made so many friends and rivals over the course of my HAYPI experience. When I first entered on to Server 1, I was afraid to talk to the people on the server. It was a new game and different from Haypi Dragon (Cdragon Server 21). Eventually, I started chatting with a few people and became a regular. It was great to meet those people and see what knowledge they had to pass down. I looked around at the ranking and saw we were still fairly new since it was just a week into the games existence. I found out what I had a knack for...collecting! I had so much fun collecting monsters. I remember having 50 and feeling so amazing. Then, I got to 70 and felt even better. Then about a week ago, I collected all available monsters. I was named the collector of my server, but I couldn't have done it without the support of my server. My server has some of the nicest, friendliest, and funniest people you will ever chat with. So even though this writing is about me, I couldn't be the Haypi me that I am without those on my server. People like MonstaHunta, Boomer, Falmula, Melissalyy, Nasher04, and Helicase just to name a few have been a great asset. Along with myself, they have always encouraged others to become better, and passed down their knowledge to help. I would post a guide to help along with this writing, but the best guide is experience, getting out there and doing it yourself, asking others for help, meeting new people and seeing how you can help them and how they can help you. I have had a great experience and hope that others will continue to have good or great experiences! :D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Hello I am from server 25 and I love haypi monsters although I am new I have gotten strong fast. I think haypi Dino was a great idea and ajohn5's post were great plz read them and also I think instead of gold for silver u should have silver for gold. And you should be able to get your good back for what you paid as in if u paid 10 gold coins you should get back 10 gold coins. This is AJ5nice talking to you.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Hello! My username is KNog124400 Server 11

I have always loved games with such creative characters and creatures. I, myself like to design and draw monsters like the ones in this game. Since I started playing Haypi Monster, I've been having a lot more creative ideas. This game gave me inspiration and joy. On another note, I think the gameplay is just fantastic. I grew up on pokemon, and this game really brings back memories, so I can enjoy this game that much more. I look forward to playing more of Haypi Monster and many other games of yours in the future. :D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Haypi monsters is a very fun loving game for kids, teenagers, and adults all around the world, it reminds us of games some adults and some teenagers were brought up with, like digimon or Pokemon. :lol:
I play this with my neice and nephews and they absolutely love it, and I love playing it with them because they get so excited to play. We have names for all the monsters we captured :)
We love Haypi Monsters :D




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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Hey my name is Vishal123 frm server 11 and i would like to appreciate this app alot :D firstly i had downloaded this game through tapjoy to win free cash in real football 2013 game :p .. Usuall i download apps frm tapjoy and delete them after getting free cash but after downloading happy monster i liked it sooo much tht i left playing real football :p :D its soo much like pokemon (the show i was mad after in my childhood ) plus has many awesome features .. I used to be sad that there is no game like poke for iphone but i got one and i play it a lot :D even during exams :)



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Hi all my name is Joanne Gale,server 20 nick name: babyJgale I'm 36 years old married with 2 kids , I just love this HAYPI MONSTER game so much it is THE BEST GAME I have played other than Dota it's fun very nice graphics ,easy to play there is always a wonderfull support team just to help and clear the problems any time just mail them .I think my age is not a Barrier for playing this game it gives me joy and I can kill my time .Im getting good at it too, even convinced my husband to play it and he said this is something new and he is getting addicted to it, important thing is Thanks to Haypi Team for creating such a wonderfull game and I hope it will be the best game in 2013. :D :D :D :D :D :D and I'm very happy with new updates its getting better and better and now we can seal Epic Monsters to ,ok that's about it have to go back to my game..thank you again Team Haypi :D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Joostry Server 16

The screen fades into black. Suddenly, a white screen reads in big red letters HAYPI. This would be the start of an adventure larger than my wildest dreams of a game ever being. The screen commences to the title page, with images of creatures from monstrous to microscopic. So powerful yet so adorable, I pry my eyes away from the magnificent image to press the start button, the beginning of my journey. Many monsters would come my way and my goal was to be the best player there ever was. Now, would be a miraculous start to my journey, when I am given one of the most powerful monsters and my best ally, Draco. Many good times and bad times awaited us. Bosses would crumble towards the feet of the mighty Draconius. Meanwhile, I would gain powerful allies such as Crabby and Branchy, therefore completing my starter team. Other monsters such as Lupa and Blocky would prove useful as my strongest monsters. But this is too far into the future. Now, it was just my tiny Draco and I. The home page was so enticing. There were so many options to choose from. I got so distracted the Activity icon I completely forgot about the actual storyline. I finally regained consciousness of the point of the game and press the play button. Then there were six. Six majestic lands. Hundreds of monsters waiting to be discovered and caught. But only one level at a time. Jungle-1. The beginning. I navigated my way through the treacherous tiles, combatting countless enemies, which proved useless. For them. My fire type was super effective! Nothing could stop me. At least for now. As more and more enemies approached and were defeated by my Draco, I approached closer and closer to the final tile. The boss. The dice rolled a 4. I skipped to the boss tile, covered by a gleaming gold statue, surrounded by lavender colored lights. I felt confident. I knew I could do this. A "vs" sign lashed across the screen. The monster appeared. Then my knees began to shake. I didn't know what I was up against. The boss was level 6 while I was only level 5. I chose my favorite move, my trusty sidekick. I used my fire attack, bringing the Bud down to a little bit less than half health. He also got hit with a fire debuff. It hit Draco with a Smack. But this was no ordinary attack. It had critical damage. As my health bar lowered, my heart began to pound so hard, I could hear it. At that moment, it hit me. The only way to avoid dying is to avoid getting hit! On my next move, I increased my dodge with a Blinding Smoke. I used this over and over again, increasing my dodge rating every time. At last, I used my fire attack, but its PP was all gone. So I resorted to a Smack. The end came sooner than I expected. I was at 2 health. I used smack and the Bud was at 5 health. It was over. The Bud would attack first and then I would pass out. But then a flame came over the Bud. 5,4,3,2,1 and 0. The Bud fell through the floor. The fire debuff had proved extremely useful. I had won. The most crucial battle yet. This victory proved sweetest when I received my reward. A silver chest. What could it be? I opened my chest to find a gold key! Now all I need is a chest...



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Chezzire - Server 6

Haypi Monster: A thoughtful game
I ask myself, what exactly makes this game SO enjoyable and different from others?

Player and Goals
It’s a game about collecting monsters. What else? It's your usual, train to higher levels, acquire a male and female pair to breed higher grade monsters, learn special skills and repeat this for stronger monsters that you get.

Nothing special it seems, except that these goals are presented at just the right time. Every map shows various monsters that will have an advantage over you either through level, skill, or elemental attacks. The goals have the right kind of challenge and reward carefully balancing frustration and fulfillment. You will always be in control of what you want to do. Quests are there to remind you in case you get off track. What is interesting is that there is always a limit for everything: skills learned by a monster, # of monsters for battle, the breeding and challenge attempts. This can create dilemma such as choosing which monster to level or pass a skill to, but it forces you to have a strategic type of play where you carefully think of what you will do in the game. It seems weird that the game does not want you to spend 24 hours playing it unlike most online games, but instead, Haypi Monster achieves a truly casual gaming experience providing top notch entertainment without making you forget your priorities in real life. That’s quite an achievement as online service such as Haypi monster relies on players that keep playing their game.

Training Feature
Ah, leveling is a staple of any online role-playing game. However, there are other ways of leveling in the game but what is interesting is the option to train your monsters by leaving them in the “nesting” grounds.
Leveling is really one of the most boring activities in a game involving repetitive tasks of killing monsters but Haypi Monster provided a “training” facility feature to circumvent this usual problem. You get the EXP immediately by the way – no waiting for the training to finish, just a cool down on using it again. It’s certainly not easy especially in the higher levels but because it’s passive you can do more fun things instead of getting stuck whacking other monsters in the game.

Map Levels
The ever present "star" system is employed in this game too, which motivates skillful play. Veteran mode has higher level monsters and mini-bosses that are composed of both rare and epic monsters. This means that you will have to improve your battle tactics to clear this. Utilizing elemental advantage, supplementary skills and switching of monsters at this point becomes important. In the expert mode, it seems that an even smarter level of play is in required. Every monster is at max level and restrictions are now enforced varying from the type and number of monster you can use, use of items, etc. This makes the game easy to play but difficult to master. Every increase in the level of challenge forces you to rethink and improve your approach in battles seemingly to prepare you for the most daunting challenge of all – battle with other skillful players.

The Spin
Items are the primary reward in this game. And you have to spin for your reward after you complete a level (in all modes). Now, this means luck is a big factor. One might think it’s unfair but it’s no different from randomly killing a monster on map and hoping that it drops a good item. In Haypi Monster, you get to preview the different kinds of rewards (or drops) available but if you don’t like what you get; opt for a re-spin then! Teasing you with the other possible rewards will most likely make you try to challenge again. Luck is luck, so if you are impatient you will really end up using a lot of money for this feature but that boils down to your inner control and sensibility.

The support is noteworthy. I must say the developers made some big brave decisions on their last update that impressed me. For example, blessing used to be for VIP4 (player that paid 1k gold coins) which guarantees that during breeding a higher grade monster will be produced. However, due to the complaints, they made it available for all. They are also open to modifications such as costs of in game items being lowered and increasing chances of getting male and female through synthesis and breeding. These decisions can make players spend LESS but makes the game play much more pleasurable.

A free online game with in-game items for purchase is always open to the debate of free vs. paying player disparity and inequality. However, even if one has gold coins, Haypi designed the game that the more you use this feature; the higher the cost will be to sort of deter you from spending so much on the game. You can argue that if they really have that in mind, then they would have just limited the number of times you can use gold coins for these situation. But leaving that decision to the player puts them in control because the value of money is subjective i.e. a student looks at 49$ differently from a working professional. It’s strategic as it supports the financial needs of the game.

All the features of the game are available to both vip and non-vip player. Advantage comes in the form of giving more opportunities or attempts. This means that everyone can capture rare monsters, breed to S monsters, get same rewards, etc. It will just differ on the amount of time spent but it does not put the non-vip player at a great disadvantage.

Player Interaction: Ladder
Player versus environment is boring compared to player versus player. Interacting with unpredictable humans will always be more interesting albeit sometimes frustrating. The ladder is a system where you can challenge higher ranking players. That’s right – the top players are visible perhaps to recognize the players that mastered the game and to motivate new, competitive players. In fact this ranking is even integrated in the chat room – you get to see the player’s rank when they talk in world chat. I asked about what numbers were once because I wasn’t sure if it’s really the ranking number, and another player was wondering how a VIP4 player like me could not possibly know that. I was wondering if a higher VIP status implies higher mastery of the game – so was I an idiot for purchasing VIP4 after only 4 days of play. It was a funny memory to me.
In Ladder, you choose the arrangement of your monsters and once the battle starts, it will be on auto-pilot. That is, you will just watch your monster go against the other set of monsters. The level and grade of the monster is factored in the battle. However, if the grade and levels aren’t so different, you get a chance to attempt to challenge that player again after 10 minutes. You can do this for a number of times every day to climb your way up the ladder. What’s cool about this is that the player does not even need to be online for you to challenge them. It’s an interesting display of your training– will your monster be fine on its own with all the build-up and skills you have put on it? Auto-pilot is a thoughtful feature of the game as it is present even in map battles which make the repetitive nature of battles tolerable. If this is not your cup of tea, there is the PVP.

Player Interaction: PVP

PVP gives player more control. It’s a battle where you control every turn and action of your monster. What’s cool is that regardless of the actual level of your monster, it will fight as if it’s level 40! It’s a very intuitive decision on the part of the developer as it shows you the future of your monster (at max level) and sort of put the player on equal footing. I’m not entirely sure though If grade is factored in but I think it makes sense if it was. PVP is the ultimate goal of any player in Haypi Monster, it’s the most fulfilling activity that challenges your understanding of the game and battle tactics.

My first week is littered with lots of newb moments and failures (e.g. Replacing Draco’s skill slot that learns Wildfire). Every failure forced me to rethink my understanding of the game and reflect on what was I doing wrong. It’s an addictive game that helps me balance play and work. Believe it or not, Haypi is so fun to play when I’m doing my work as I don’t notice the all the various cool downs that much. I make myself preoccupied with work so that I don’t get impatient and bored and use my gold coins unnecessarily.

The game is not without its faults and problems but the good is more noticeable than the bad. Perhaps a discussion of those deserves a different post.

Ultimately, Haypi has changed my perspective on online games for the better.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Daniel - Server 1

"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!" Daniel's alarm clock was making an excruciatingly shrill noise loud enough to startle a herd of elephants. The kid strained to get up from his comfortable bed, covering his ears trying to protect himself from the penetrating sound waves of his alarm clock. He dazedly stumbled across the room and turned it off, sighing with relief. He unlocked on his phone to check what day it was, and locked it again. Suddenly, he did a double take. It was February 23rd! This was the day that all the children of Daniel's age would get their first monster and be allowed to start on their adventure in the world of Haypi Monster. Daniel sprinted to the bathroom faster than a photon being sucked into the event horizon of a black hole, and brushed his teeth and put on his clothes in a split second. He ran downstairs and made some toast, gobbled it up in one bite, and was out the door just four minutes later.

The Monster House was fourteen blocks away from his house, and he began jogging. After six blocks, he was tired, and speed-walked the rest of the way. When Daniel arrived at the Monster House, he was dismayed to find that there were at least 20-30 kids in line ahead of him. He quickly got in line and waited impatiently for it to progress. By the time there were 5 kids left in front of him, there were at least a hundred behind him. Finally, it was Daniel's turn. The man behind the desk said, "Congratulations, young fellow! You're about to enter a fantastic world that you've been waiting for your whole life! I'm going to give you a very rare monster, named Draco!" Daniel was overjoyed! He grabbed the seal card and walked out of the Monster House, excited to meet his brand new monster. However, as soon as Daniel stepped outside, he was disappointed.

As far as he could see in every direction, Daniel saw children his age, looking confused and upset. Beside each and every single one of them was a Draco. "What!? That guy said that my monster was really rare! What is this? We all have the same monster!" Daniel heard someone else yell. Determined to not ruin this wonderful day, Daniel wiped away a tear and reached into his pocket to take a look at his map. He knew where he had to go first: the Jungle. Daniel looked over his shoulder as he began walking towards the Jungle, to see that all the other kids were still complaining about their Dracos. He said to himself, "I've been waiting for this day all my life. I'm not gonna let anything ruin it, so if everyone else is so upset, I'll just be the first one to start my journey."

The jungle was at least five to six miles away, so Daniel didn't bother trying to run. Twenty minutes into his walk, he realized that he hadn't even released his Draco out of his seal card. He threw the card like he had seen others do, and it fluttered to the ground. Confused and scared, Daniel picked the card up and threw it up into the air once more. Again, nothing at all happened! Daniel began worrying. He grabbed the card and shook it in desperation. He threw it forward one final time, and there was a flash of light. Draco had come out of the card! The Draco was a cute little bright red dragon. "Hi Draco! It looks like every other kid in the world also has a Draco, but you're gonna be the strongest! You and I are going to be famous and really powerful, okay? Just you wait!" yelled Daniel, excitedly. Draco blinked his big eyes and waddled towards Daniel, rubbing his snout against Daniel's leg. "That tickles!" said Daniel, "You're cute and all, but can you really do anything? You look pretty harmless." A butterfly fluttered by Draco's face. Suddenly, Draco blew up his cheeks and unleashed a puff of fire onto the butterfly, incinerating it on the spot. "THAT'S AWESOME!!! Come on, Draco! Let's go to the Jungle where we can start our adventure!" exclaimed Daniel, jumping into the air. So like this, Daniel and Draco began their journey.

An hour later, the trees around Daniel and Draco had grown thick. Daniel hadn't seen another monster hunter since he had left the Monster House. A few minutes of walking later, they had arrived at the Jungle. "Well, here goes, Draco. We can do this!" said Daniel, excited to begin his adventure. They walked into the jungle, and suddenly, a Bud leaped out of a bush! Bud looked like, well, a bud. He was a small green flower bud who looked like he couldn't hurt a fly. "Draco, use Burn!" yelled Daniel. Draco puffed up his cheeks, and unleashed a ball of fire onto the Bud. The Bud was severely singed, and fell on its back. Draco came closer to finish off Bud with a Smack, but when he was just two feet away, Bud leaped onto his feet and launched a sharp leaf at Draco! The leaf cut into Draco's arm, but it wasn't very painful. Draco smacked Bud, defeating him once and for all. "Wow, we did it!!! We won our first battle, Draco!" yelled Daniel, his heart pounding with excitement.

And so began Daniel's story. He defeated the whole Jungle with the help of Draco, but found that he hadn't been the first one. Somehow, there were already several other kids at the end of the Jungle. Throughout his journey, Daniel captured many other monsters. He let a few more into his team of four monsters, but he always kept Draco this closest. Eventually, Draco evolved into a larger more powerful dragon named Draconio. After a few more weeks, Draconio had evolved into Draconius, and was now much bigger than Daniel himself. Daniel, Draconius, and the rest of his team journeyed through the Jungle, the Miracle Sea, the Volcano, the Stone Vault, and the Canyon. He got to the Sealed Space, a eerie place teeming with Ghost and Psychic monsters. Today, Daniel is still there, fighting against hardships to surpass the strength of the great monsters that lie there. Soon, Daniel will defeat the Sealed Space and go through all the places where he has journeyed to train his monsters and become the most powerful he can be. He has fought many other monster hunters and their teams, and has emerged victorious most of the time. Of course, Daniel was not the strongest monster hunter, but he is getting stronger every day. His bond with his best friend, Draconius, gets stronger every day, and his dream to become the most famous and powerful monster hunter lives on.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Ehem! Hi game masters! Hello everyone! Im francistif17 from server 21 im a a registered nurse and registered midwife from Philippines! Haypi monsters is one of the best game i ever played! Honestly! Everytime im done with my work and as soon as i get home i will play this game! This game is kicking awesome! Its like im their own trainer! Yeah everyday its like "game on!"
More power to you guys and keep creating nice entertainment! Rock it on!

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