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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

username: lunartalesT
server: 21

I would like to recommend some of monsters for normal mode play

At the game begins (Jungle), you will receive a Draco, Bud, and Twiggy
Draco is your main monster here. Try to level it as much as possible and do not replace your 2nd and 3rd moves since it will learn great fire skills later.

For Miracle Sea, you need a grass type monster. My recommendations are:
Bud - It is pretty useless in the beginning. It has a low ATK but high MATK. Its very first attack skill is physical skill so it cant deal much damage. But later(about lv 20) it learns poison whip (magical skill) and poison petal (also magical skill), it turns to good non-epic grass monster since then.
Twiggy - It has high ATK but low MATK, I would not recommend to level twiggy for a long run because of its low MATK to use poison petals (MATK).

For Volcano, you need a water type monster. My recommendations are:
Crabby - It has a nice skill set in the long run (good ATK skills and healing skill). It has a high DEF, decent ATK, but low MDEF. However, it learns most powerful skill (Erupting Spring) at high level (about lv 28), so you may have a little problem in having high-attack skill in early game. If you are lv 13, you can get a crabby scroll from gift box.
Chowda - It has a high ATK, very high DEF, but very low MDEF. It learns Erupting Spring at early level (about lv 20), so it is quite fit to be a good water monster for volcano (and also stone vault too). But in the long run, you may consider replace it with other monster since it will have problem facing MATK monsters.

For Stone Vault, you can use previous water and grass type monster.

For Canyon, you need a stone type monster. My recommendations are:
Ricky - It has high ATK, very high DEF, low MDEF and very low SPEED. Ricky is the best rock you can find so far in the early game. Because its slowness, you may be paralyzed by opponents thunder moves (and that is so annoying). Once it reach its final form (lv 32), you will have no problem clearing Canyon.
Geo - It has high ATK, high speed, but relatively lower DEF compared to Ricky. Geo can be a fast sweeper for Canyon when you are in needed for stone monster.

For Seal Space, you will face a various type of monster, mainly physic and ghost. My recommendations are:
Draconius - Your main here, fights everything unless water and stone monster.
Any Grass type monster - to deal with water and stone monster.
3rd monster can be a any ghost type monster (to deal with physical type bosses - champ) or a high lv physic monster such as Mystic or Lupa (if your monster's LV is high enough, it can one-hit-KO ghost monsters and make game much easier).
and the most important, brings a lot of potions and combat jellies to heal you. You can buy it half-price at Ocean 2-2 by simply roll 6.

Hope my tips help you clearing normal mode, good luck!
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

username: devet7
server: 7

thank you for this awesome game =))) always dreamed of a monster game similar to the legendary monster game that is Pokemon to be in the appstore n this game IS the Pokemon equivalent if not better for the iOS.

gorgeous graphics, awesome monsters and unique concept catered to the mobile gaming experience makes me addicted to it n brings back childhood memories of monster collecting, fighting n evolving experience =)))

hope to see more updates n expansions to improve this great game. Haypi monster FTW!CHEERS!!!



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Id: dksoul400
Server :25

Hi all .ive been playing this game for a week and I think this Is a great game and as a beginner myself .. I love to share my experience with all the beginners. Hope it helps

1) start with basics .
There are 8 types of monster in game .
If your pets attribute counters your opponent .you will deal 2x dmg
If your opponents attribute counter yours . You will deal 1/2x dmg
(This Is very important in pvp . So don't be mad at your opponent for keep switching around their pet .switching pet is a strategy!)
For more info about the chart you can find in game under tips .

2) debuffs
During a battle some skill will cause your pet a dot dmg .
i) Burn.poison.paralyze.curse.these 4 debuff is permanent till death
ii)sleep(1-3 rounds). confuse(2-5 rounds) .stun (1 round)

3) as a beginner you will be given a grade C Draco . Finish the tutorial you will be given a twiggy .Crabby and a Ricky
These are you best friends for early levels

-draco have high atk and mdef
Good skills such as anger (learn at level 15) pyroblast (learn at level 20) wild fire (learn at level 34)
-Branchy have low matk and many thinks its not good
However it have a amazing skill for early level . Photosynthesis (learn at level 15) .
-Crusty (evolve from crabby) have high def and decent atk
Decent skill such as water bead (learn at level 14) sewage (learn at level 24)
Crusty is a decent monster for early game . Good sustain for long fight
-Ricky have high atk and high def high hp
Best Rock type monster for early game

Important details to take note of :
i) everyone's Draco is C graded so I suggest do not waste your money to buy more unless you wanna breed

ii) many people think blinding smoke is not a good skill and replace it with another. Please do not do that , your Draco/Draconius will be learning a new skill call wild fire and replace smoke at level 34.( if you replace blinding smoke . You will not be able to learn wild fire . Once the skill slot overwrite it will not learn any new skill at the particular slot)

iii)other then the 4 pets system will give player a octobud scroll . I suggest synthesis it and train to level 15. Do not evolve it .(it is used to synthesis slider(epicgrasstype monster)

4) stages

First stage: Jungle (5 stages)
beginner map.your Draco will almost 1hit anything but the boss ..after finishing the normal mode .. Will unlock team mode and veteran mode . Team mode cool down every 2hours and granting character and pet a lot of exp .you are given a chance to spin the wheel at end of each team mode .
Stand a chance to get Octobudscroll.
Octobud is useto synethesis Slider(EpicGrass type)

Second stage : Miracle Sea (10 stages)
Another easy map .
team mode have a chance to get Crabbyscroll
Crabby use to synthesis Oogway(Epic Water type )
Recommend pet : Grass type : Twiggy/Branchy

Third stage : Volcano (10 stages)
Fire stage ..
Team mode stand a chance to get lupa*
Lupa is one of the best rare monster you can get at early levels .
It can beat many epic monster if its a good grade .
Lupa is use to synthesis Thor ( EpicElectrictype)
And pampurred (Epicpsychictype )
Recommend pet :Water type : Crusty/Ripper

Fourth stage : Stone Vault (10stages)
Mob slightly stronger . Team mode can get Risky scroll
Risky is use to synthesis Boopie] (EpicRock type )
Recommend pet : Grass type: Branchy/Octomom
Water type : Crusty/Gnahser

Fifth stage : Canyon (15 stages)
This map will be a bit challenging . Use jelly if dying . You pet need to be around level 30 to complete the map . Team mode can get a Chimp scroll
Chimp is use to synthesis Flaunt ( Epic] Normal type)
And Flicker (Epic Fire type )
Recommend pet :Rock type : Rocky/Armordillo/ Igneous
Fire type : Draconius
Grass type : Branchy

Last stage :Sealed Space (15 stages)
Well....this map is too hard for me ..you need a full team of level 34++ ..mean while you can farm gold and experience at team mode canyon . you need use jelly ,dice and revive card for this map . Team mode sealed space will grant your pet 60k exp (with star) 7k character exp and 6k silver coin . You will be able to get Echo scroll.
Echo used to synthesis kreepie (Epic ghost type)
Recommend pet : Fire type: Draconius
psychic type : Lupa

There are some special shop in game sells jelly at 50% off .
Tips to get to the shop : go to miracle sea stages 2-2 and roll a 6. If fail to do so just simply quit the battle and enter game till you roll a 6.
(Item in shop are completely random)

First , you need a male and a female of a same kind .( eg : male lupa + female lupa)
Second,the pets have to be level 15 or more.
Item needed : simple love potion (grade C and below )
Normal love potion ( grade B and below)
Super love potion (grade A and above )

Breeding Is the only way to increase your pets grade.
The 2 pet used for breeding will not disappear .
The new born baby will have have better stats then the parent.
(Gender are random)
The only pet I recommend for beginner to breed is -----Lupa

Ladder is the best way yo prove yourself .
The higher you ladder is the better rewards to get.
For rank1 in ladder you will get around 5k silver coin and around 2k prestiges.
Some monster can be bought if you reach certain number.
3k prestiges to unlock funkie
12k prestiges to unlock Poe
72k prestiges to unlock purity

7)enjoy the game
-This is a great game that required a lot of patients
-Be friendly to people and you will be treated the same way.
-There are always some immature people in the game.
Try to ignore them and beat them in ladder or pvp :D
-Not to give out your personal info in chat . Everyone in the server can see .
-Try to get yourself VIP 1 if you really like the game . VIP 1 is really worth the money( VIP 1 =10 golf coin . VIP 2= 200 gold coin . VIP 3 = 500 gold coin . VIP 4 = 1000 gold coin . VIP 5 = 2000 gold coin )
-try not to flame at people and be civilize :D

Sorry for my bad English I am not a English speaker. I just try my best to help newbies like myself .
Happy Luna new year for all and please do enjoy the game .
Always remember. Game is just for entertainment :D do not take way too serious at it !

Sorry if I miss out anything .i am just level 1x
Hope some pros can give me some advice too thanks :D
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Username: xxwh95xx
Server: 13

Hi i've been playing Haypi Monster for quite a while. I'll be writing a short guide for beginners. ;)

Jungle 1-5

Recommended Monsters: Draco, Twiggy
Monster type in this area: Grass

Team Mode Jungle will be unlocked when Jungle Normal mode is completed. You will receive an Octobud scroll here and he's used for synthesizing Slider.

Miracle Sea 1-10

Recommended Monsters : Twiggy/Branchy, Draconio, Ripper
Monster type in this area: Water, Rock, Normal, Ghost, Fire.

Get your Twiggy to a higher lvl by using training. Catch a ripper and use it to complete the stages as there are fire types and finish everything else with Draconio.

Team mode Miracle Sea will be unlocked when all 10 stages are completed. Get a Crabby by synthesis from here.

Volcano 1-10

Recommended Monsters: Draconio/Draconius, Crabby/Crusty, Branchy, Ripper/Gnasher
Monster type in this area: Water, Normal, Ghost, Fire, Psychic, Grass

Get your Crabby to a higher level by using training. You should have a Crabby or Ripper by now. You shouldn't have much problems here with the white jellies you had collected.

Team mode volcano will be unlocked after completing all stages. You will be able to receive Lupa scrolls here. Synthesize the Lupa and level it as he is useful for Sealed Space.

Stone Vault 1-10

Recommended Monsters: Draconius, Crusty/Ripper, Branchy,
Monster type in this area: Rock, Electric, Grass, Psychic, Normal, Fire, Water, Ghost

You will need some potions and jellies here.

Team Mode Stone Vault will be unlocked. You will be able to receive a Ricky scroll from here. Synthesize him as he is used to complete Canyon.

Canyon 1-15
Recommended Monsters: Rocky/Blocky, Draconius, Branchy,
Monster type in this area: Electric, Ghost, Psychic, Normal, Grass, Fire

You will need lvl 25+ Rocky and Draconius to do well in this area. You will also need some Jellies and Potions to complete.

Team Mode Canyon will be unlocked. You will be able to receive Chimp Scrolls from here.

Sealed Space 1-15
Recommended Monsters: Blocky/Crusty, Draconius, Lupa, , Branchy
Monster type in this area: Electric, Ghost, Psychic, Normal, Grass, Fire, Rock, Water

You will need lvl 34+ Lupa and 34+ Draconius here. Use Lupa to beat ghost types. Blocky to beat Fire and Electric types, Branchy to beat rock and water types & Draconius to beat others. You will need TONS of Jellies and Potions in this map.

Team Mode Sealed Space will be unlocked after completing all 15 stages.You will be able to receive Echo scroll from here.

Thanks for reading. I would like the guide to be stickied to help new players even if i do not win :lol:



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi, my username is sammarino from server 3
I’m the one that loves to play the kind of monster game (like Pokemon or Monster Farm). I could say that at this time, the Haypi Monster is the best monster game.(that made me need to woke up at 3 a.m. for breeding!!)
I expect to play this game in long term and I’m really glad if I have a chance to design the monster for Haypi Monster. Thank you all Haypi stuffs for making and manage a great game. I wish that Haypi Monster game will become the famous game.
Thank you, :D



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Haypi Miracle

Username: TeaVilla
Server: 15

My Writing Entry:

Haypi Miracle

Once upon a time in a mystical forest there lived an enchanted tree with his tree brothers and sisters. His name is Branchy. His tree siblings always made jokes and laugh at him because Branchy always talked about how he wanted to be able to walk and run so he could see other places. Of course it was impossible for him to move because his root grew deep in the ground making it impossible for him to move from where he was.


One day Branchy saw a man looking exhausted and confused standing near him. The man seemed to have lost his way. Branchy was curious about the man and couldn’t resist talking to him. The man told Branchy that he got lost in the forest because he wanted to find some good wood to build a house. So Branchy offered himself to the man and in return he asked the man to use a small part of him to make a wooden horse. The man agreed and with Branchy’s permission he began to chop him down and use the smaller parts of his branches to make a wooden horse. After the man finished making the wooden horse as promised to Branchy he named the wooden horse Phony. And because part of Phony was made from an enchanted tree, Phony became alive.


Phony was so happy and thanked the man because he finally had his wish come true. Phony immediately dashed off and ran around with excitement because he was finally able to go to other places and see the world. He ran and ran tirelessly until he arrived in this beautiful grass land. He saw many horses including a little horse on a nearby. He was so excited that he had finally met a fellow horse so he went to the little horse and introduced himself. He found out that the little horse’s name was Flicker and he had hair of fire. Phony was so happy to meet Flicker and asked if they could run together. But Flicker refused because he thought Phony was not a real horse and that he was afraid his fire hair would burn Phony. Phony was so sad that Flicker didn’t think he was a real horse. He looked as Flicker left him and walked toward to a beautiful adult horse with the same hair of fire, it was Flicker’s father Ignightmare. Both of them walked further and further away from Phony. From that day onward Phony decided to live there with all the horses. But just like before in the forest, everyone was laughing at him and mocking him for being a piece of wood trying to be a horse.

One day Flicker and his father didn’t show up at the hill. This happened several days in a row that he didn’t see them both. Phony was worried about them so he asked the other horses. They told him that Flicker’s father was ill. So Phony decided to visit Flicker and his father. On the way there he saw Flicker crying next to the river. So Phony asked Flicker why he’s crying, and Flicker told him that he wanted to go across the river to get the purple flower used for medicine that can cure his father. But he couldn’t cross the river because he’s a fire horse. A river like this would be very dangerous for him. So Phony offered to help saying he would cross the river instead and get the medicine for Flicker’s father. Flicker was very surprised, without hesitating Phony immediately jumped into the river.


The river current was very strong and Phony was getting washed away. But Phony swam as hard as he could and tried to rest at a big rock in the middle of the river. He swam again and finally made it to the other side. But his left wooden leg was missing by then. While limping he began to search for the purple flower and finally found it. He held the purple flower tightly in his mouth and began to swim back. Struggling even harder to get back to the other side Phony finally made it. But he lost another part of his body, his right leg, one of his wooden ears and hid tail. He barely managed to walk towards Flicker.

Flicker cried and helped Phony to walk. But Phony couldn’t move anymore and fell on the ground. Flicker cried and carried what remained of Phony and the purple flower on his back. Phony remains were so wet that Flicker body didn’t burn it. When Flicker arrived home, he immediately gave the purple flower to his father. And his father was instantly cured and he saw his son his crying. So he asked his son why he is crying while he should be happy to see him well. So Flicker told his father everything and showed Phony remains. Ignightmare was so touched to hear his son’s story and he start to engulf himself in huge flame that shone so brightly that it summoned the legendary light guardian Angelo. Angelo appeared flying with his white wings. Ignightmare told the entire story to Angelo. Angelo already knew the story and knew that throughout Phony’s life he was always doing good deeds for others. So with his great power, he sprinkled magic dust on Phony remains and turned him into a beautiful white unicorn and gave a new name, Purity.


Flicker was so happy to see his dear friend alive and turned into a magnificent horse. He apologized to Purity about how he treated him before. But Purity told him he forgave him long ago already. And now both became best friend and ran together in the grassland happily.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Sawadee kub, I am corngod from server 9. My ID is aketo_sup. My level is 20 with VIP 3. I am Thai. I just wanted to talk about the fact that haypi monsters has all the aspects of monster games that I love. When I first began playing Haypi Monster, I find myself planning and strategizing my next move, thinking in depth about which monsters. I've even gotten a few of my friends roped into the game, and we love discussing which new monster is best and trading tips. Thank you.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

This is Sparkle from server 3.
I would like to say that Haypi Monsters is a great game. You can breed train and battle monsters. This game is perfect for everybody, boy or girl, man or women, with it's stunning graphics and beautiful(and cute) drawings. Haypi monsters is a must have. A warning to future players: this game is totally addictive!



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi everyone booyaka from server 1 here,

I enjoy playing haypi monster because it reminds me of the gaming part of my childhood. There was nothing like owning a gameboy and playing the newest Pokemon game back then. Now there's nothing like owning an apple device and playing the newest haypi game. Thanks haypi for these amazing games that provide a perfect distraction from the outside world. No matter what's going on in my life haypi's games are always there to keep me entertained and a great mindset. Your games motivate me to keep on practicing my computer programming skills so I can hopefully create a game half as good as haypi monster or haypi dragon one day.

Thanks everyone,




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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

I've always been searching a game that is like Pokémon on the App Store.
Luckily, my wish has been granted for me and many other people. I would first thing in the morning log on to Haypi Monsters and play for HOURS :shock: .
I really love this game because the monsters are so well designed, the story is so creative and the music soothes my heart. My heart always pounds when I try to win a battle or seal a monster :x . This app is like a part of my everyday routine. I play everyday and hope someday to be great at this game, and proud of how great I am at this game. :D


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