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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Haypi Haiku

We love to train all
The monsters we collected
We love you Haypi!

Fetzilla - Server 19 - :lol:



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Evening gents, RiotZone from Server16 here.

For those who have not yet downloaded this addicting FREE game, shame on you. You are missing out on a great adventure, exploring lost lands, discovering the monsters inside this unique and beautifully crafted world. You are missing out on a relationship, an emotional bond, between man and Haypi Monsters. You shall fall in love with this game, and the monsters you collect, you shall train and raise them, to be the best they can be. You shall become the Haypi Monster Champion! Defeat those who stand in your way, vanquish your enemies with your monsters powerful abilities, and when all is said and done, you shall take your place among the throne, as Champion.

RiotZone's Tips & Tricks:

PvP Arena -
Haypi Monsters has a combat system that revolves around different monster types. Certain types do damage more or less damage to other monster types. It's quite logical in fact, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water. It's a cycle, but then there's some other monster types like Rock and Electric, but they still follow a logical pattern. When entering a PvP battle, be smart, if your Draconius (Fire type) is fighting a Gnasher (Water type), change it out for a Grass type like Twiggy. That way, when the Gnasher attacks, it will do far less damage, and almost be harmless. However, sometimes I find myself in PvP battles where it's a constant cycle of switching to try and gain the upperhand. I recommend going into a PvP battle with a multitude of types, I tend to go with 3, but 2 is acceptable. You need a type that can counteract the other one. For example, you can go in with a Water type and Fire type, so if a Grass is fighting your Water, you can switch it out for the Fire type to gain the advantage. Also, a tip that may not seem logical, but it's important! Even if you're at a disadvantage with types, (Grass against Fire), your main Grass move will still do more damage then your Normal type move! This has saved me in several occasions and actually has let me win some unbalanced fights.

Leveling Up -
The easiest way to level up by far is the Training area. As soon as you train you gain quite a bit of experience at one time, so always train your monsters when you have the chance! I also recommend using your Haypi Coins for the one a day training. They will last 10 days if you aren't VIP and then you get a daily bonus for using the training. Other than that, always do Team Mode and your Veteran/Expert battles. The boss fight will always give you a TON of experience, very useful for leveling up monsters. Another thing I have noticed is that experience isn't divided among the monsters that you carry with you, so always go into fights with as many monsters as possible. This is also useful if you want to level up lower level monsters. You can go into battles in some of the more difficult islands with higher level monsters and get a large amount of experience for the lower level one.

Ladder Tournament -
I discovered the most effective technique for going into a ladder tournament is starting with a Water type. Most people use Draconius in the first slot, so you'll instantly be at an advantage. Other tip I have is always make sure you have several types with you, just like in PvP, however, since the ladder tournament is automatic fighting, you need to follow a pattern to be most effective in the tournament. Let's say your 1st slot is a Water type, the 2nd slot should be a type that Water can defeat. The reason for this is that the types that Water can beat, tend to be most effective against the types that Water is weak against. Example, 1st slot, Gnasher (Water type), 2nd slot, Draconius (Fire type), 3rd slot, Octomom (Grass type). Now, let's say you enter the tournament and the opponents first monster is Branchy (Grass type). You're most likely going to lose that fight because Grass is more effective against Water. However, if you're 2nd slot is Draconius, who is Fire type, it will destroy the Branchy. I use this method and rarely lose fights, unless the first monster they have is a much higher level than my first monster.

Lost Journal of Artro -
The land is burning as I write what may be my last entry. These once sacred lands are now polluted by the monstrous scum. We were once able to live in peace among the monsters, but after the creator deserted us, well, everything went to hell. The monsters began to get stronger, and captured more land then we imagined. They started evolving. They began to breed. The world is crumbling, I just hope somewhere out there a hero is able to step up a defeat the plague. We're in desperate need of a savior, I'm not sure how much longer we have until the monsters have conquered everything. A brave soul is needed among these lands. Free us from the horde.

That is all. Thank you for reading, I hope my post can help those prevail, who haven't done so before.

I am RiotZone. I am from Server 16. Prevail.
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Greetings, my username in Haypi Monsters is WinTun and I am from Server 10. Since the very day I started playing this game, I have been addicted, constantly returning for even more. Upon awakening from my sleep, the first thing I do is to open up the application, usually to check on my rank in the Ladder Tournament and to train up my monsters. Its definitely worth downloading this app, as not only is this game entertaining and appealing to most audiences, but it is also brilliantly designed; the models are just so amazing! At the same time, the multiplayer and leader board features keep the game competitive and thrilling; you never know when you'll be pitted against someone you can't beat!
Haypi Monsters has brought me a sort of joy for providing a great gaming experience. I especially love the fact that you can stand a chance to win powerful companions at the end of every Veteran/Expert stage, as it gives you a very strong incentive to continue playing. I also always cry out in delight when I get my desired prize; I was so delighted when I got the scroll of an 'Epic Monster' on my first try that I almost threw my phone out of my window! Also, the game's concept is very similar to that of Pokemon; who could resist the urge of getting a badass companion that can mop the floor with another person's monster? There have been times in which my heart rate increased while involved in intense multiplayer battles; some of the players are really good! It's also very satisfying to see your monster grow from level one (slowly but surely) all the way up to a fully evolved killing machine.
There have been times when I was rather upset, though, especially with the mechanics of the 'dice rolling'. Somehow, it does not seem entirely random, as in the event that I roll an undesired number and quit the app to restart, I manage to roll the same number again. This would repeat for a few times in a row. Even if it wasn't the same number rolled, I would somehow still end up in the same undesirable spot on the map. Maybe it is just my horrible luck that is to blame; perhaps I am being too spiteful. I'll never know, I guess. But then again, Haypi Monsters has brought more thrill and happiness then sadness; the game sure doesn't disappoint!
More importantly, this game has actually taught me a lesson, believe it or not. Admittedly, I am egotistic by nature. I am used to being among the top few, whether in academics or in sports. Even in the games that I play, such as Minecraft, in which I win four out of five 'Survival Games', and even Haypi Monsters itself, in which I am among the top fifty players in the Ladder Tournament. Basically, I am used to winning, and detest losing. However, this game taught me to change my arrogant attitude and made me realize that no matter how good you are, there would always be someone better than you. Yes, indeed, it wasn't my parents, peers or the saying itself that taught me to accept defeat with grace and humility. It was Haypi Monsters that taught me that lesson! Strange, wouldn't you agree?

And~ For those newbies or people who are struggling to progress in this game, in case you're reading other people's work, like this one, for inspiration for the competition (you shouldn't be doing that, but whatever), here are some tips which I believe would be useful.

1. Your choice of team members is very, very important. I recommend Draco and Crabby as starters; don't use Twiggy or Branchy unless you've unlocked the third slot or if its absolutely necessary. You can change Crusty to Pewgway or Gnasher later on.

2. Don't hesitate to spend money in training your monsters or entering 'Team Mode'. It wouldn't be a waste of money; relax! Leveling up your monsters would, obviously, mean your monsters get stronger and you would stand a better chance of winning. They will also learn more powerful attacks. Be patient; two/four hours isn't long to wait in exchange for a fair sum of experience points. You can do other things while the timer ticks down, anyway. Many forget or don't care about the 'Team Mode' feature; a friend of mine who is playing this game wasn't even aware that it existed.

3. Position your team members well in Ladder Tournaments; stick around to watch and memorize the order in which the opponent's monsters are placed. Change the positioning of your team members accordingly to gain the advantage and ensure victory. In the event of defending your rank, position your monsters in such a way that your next monster is effective at taking out the enemy monster that defeated your previous monster. It's all a matter of luck and prediction; don't worry if your rank drops, analyse the opponent's formation and snatch back your place on the leader boards!

4. Don't hesitate to complete Veteran/Expert stages when you unlock them. You will stand a chance to win powerful companions at the end of each stage. If you complete the stages enough times, you will receive the scroll of a powerful companion for free.

5. Make sure that you stock up on enough 'Jellies' and potions for later stages; things get a lot more challenging a lot faster than you think.

6. Don't forget to equip your monsters with items or potions; they can help you get out of a sticky situation, deal and receive more damage in battle and gain more experience points. Basically, they can help you catch the opponent by surprise or give you a significant advantage over the opponent. You can also abuse this 'item holding' feature to store extra items on monsters that you don't use, especially potions or 'Jellies' which you currently have no use for.

I have also decided to provide some information on the features in this game, if you've managed to read this far.

If you had not already guessed, training is a feature in which your monsters can gain additional experience points for a sum of money, depending on how many experience points your wish to bless your monster with.

Basically, goals which you can complete in exchange for worthwhile rewards; a good way to earn money.

Here is where you can synthesize powerful monsters, but for a more demanding price. However, in order to synthesize a monster, you will need it's 'Scroll'. You are able to get a scroll by completing specific tasks or by getting lucky at the roulette at the end of every stage. You will have to catch other monsters in order to synthesize them into a single, more powerful monster. It might take some time, but the resulting synthesized monster would be worth the trouble.

For this, two monsters of the same species, but of different genders (obviously) are required. Basically, breeding two monsters will result in an offspring which is more powerful than either of its parents. This should have been mentioned earlier, but your monsters are ranked according to how powerful they are. The ranks, or grades, are S,A,B,C,D and E, with S meaning the strongest and E meaning the weakest. For just a tiny sum of money, the monster's grade can be determined. The offspring gotten through breeding would definitely be of a higher grade, but at random rates. You can accelerate the rate at which it's stats improve by 'Blessing' it, in which you sacrifice your other monsters for the one you are breeding. It would definitely be worthwhile to breed your monsters, especially the powerful ones you get through synthesis.

Ladder Tournament
You have no control over your monsters in this feature, as although your opponent is another player, the battle wouldn't be a live one. You are forced to watch as your monsters fight according to the AI, which might prove a bit annoying. However, it certainly is worthwhile to progress further up the Ladder Tournament to get a higher rank, as the higher your rank, the better the daily rewards you get. Bear in mind that others can also challenge you and cause your rank to drop, though, especially if you're of a higher rank. Thus, you constantly have to return and make sure that your rank is maintained.

Unlike Ladder Tournament, battles are live. All your monsters are scaled to level 40, meaning battles are a bit more fair. However, the downside is that your opponent is sometimes either too strong (VIPs with four monsters) or too weak (poor fellas with just two monsters). This feature is probably a favorite of mine; I get to see if I really am a good trainer. Every victory or loss earns you 'honor', though losses would mean that you earn less 'honor'. Honor can be stocked up over time and exchanged in the shop for useful items, though some of them are rather overpriced. Also, the more battles you win, the more 'integral points' you earn, bringing you further up the 'PVP Leader boards'. Losing a battle would mean that your rank would drop, though. I do suggest evolving all your starters to their final evolutions before you even try taking part, as it might be a bit brutal if you dive straight into it.

Most importantly, do enjoy all this game has to offer; it's definitely worth pouring some time and effort into!

And~ That's all from me. Thanks for spending some of your time to read this!
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

I think this game should be called haypi monsters 2. In this game there will be new and inproved things and i will show what i thnk. I think there should be more modes as in expert to pro to master and the max level should be 70. I also think there should be 6 slots and u win 10 coins for being in top 100 for 24 hours, 35 for being in top 40 for 36 hours and 100 for being in top 10 for 57 hours, and 500 for being 1 for 120 hours. Also new monsters and types such as flying, dragon, fighting, and ice. Also new types as legendarry to mege master monsters and new evolutions such as neo go's to neon to neaotral, or funkis to mushkis. This is ajohn5 telling u what i think, I hope you like it. :-D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Name: ItsJellie

Hmm, where do I start with this. I have a really bad memory with time, but I'm guessing I started playing Haypi Monster last month. Or probably a month and a half. I DO not regret downloading this game, I've met so many new people that I can call friends, and some that I say that annoy me. I know that I'm not the only person whose said this before, but I think this is a game with monsters like Pokemon. I was honestly searching for a game like Pokemon on the AppStore and I found this ! :) I think it's awesome that you guys created this, it's saves me like $50 and I can talk to friends, actually battle others, and not have to walk around town bumping into a Pokemon every three seconds. I'm sorry if I make you feel down that I'm comparing this to Pokemon, ill stop now.

Now that school started, I'm so busy in life I can hardly text my friends and keep up a decent conversation. I just get on to train with the free ten minute ones, I think that's nice. If you guys from server 2 do not know me by now. I'm thinking everyone does though, because my fingers just type and type and type on chat. There have been lots of people who passed by chat to ask questions and try to relieve boredom. There have been lots of people who come to argue and fight with each other on who is best. Then, there are people like me who talk about pointless things in life like myself going to church... To what I'm craving to eat at the moment. Apology from me if I annoy you, I'm trying to control my mouth and mind, now that I think of what I talk about.

Talking about questions. The first few days of Haypi Monster for me on chat were CRAZY / ANNOYING! I swear the most popular question was the one dealing with the POE and Honey, it is the lazy people who do not go deeper into the game to find the answer themselves. But it's ok, that's why some of us people are here on chat, to help the lazy people receive their answers.

Here is a list of some tips from the tip of my mind.

-POE evolves with honey. There are different types of honey, and depending on which honey you use, Poe will evolve at a different level.

-You can breed monsters, two of the same type of monster. It can be different evolve forms, but level has to be higher than 15, and two different genders.

-Synthesis are "Synthesizing Monsters".. You need a certain scroll for a certain monster that you want to make. You can get scrolls from the wheel after you finish a map.. Or collect enough scroll pieces to recieve a full scroll.
You also need love potions for breeding!

Well, this is my story? :) thanks for your time in reading this❤



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hey I'm vincywolf from sever 6, I'm a fan of adventure games and ever since I got my iPad, I was seeking games that I can play nonstop whether I'm bored or not. I downloaded quite a few apps(games) but got tired of them after a while.
Not to long ago I searched on the Internet for the best games in the apple App Store, of course I received a lot and different results, I was browsing through apps after apps until I saw haypi monster,this app sounds and look interesting to me that I click the link to the App Store, when I looked at the screenshots, the display and design was really amazing, I then read the details and it sure did sound like fun to me. After thinking about it for a while I then said to myself why not give it a shot, it can be interesting so I downloaded the app and today I don't have any regrets I did.
I'm playing this game for almost a month now and I never had a dull moment, of course I had some challenges and a little bit of frustrations but hey a game won't be fun without any challenge right?. I can honestly say its my favorite app on my iPad, playing this game is one of the first thing i do in the morning and the last thing i do at night, its so addictive.I love all my monsters that I'm working with including my personal favorite Shelly, I now obtained higher rank monsters through breeding, highest being a C rank which is maize, I'm pretty sure it will be a force to reckon with when it evolves into a kernel one day.
I'm currently on seal space one which I have difficulties getting through since the required monsters are not up to the required level as yet but I'm working on it though, pretty soon I'll be on par with the strong ones, I may even be the champion of the ladder tournament one day or no.1 in the pvp arena who knows but time will soon tell.
While playing this game I developed some ideas on my own concerning team mode and pvp/ladder, anybody are welcome to use them as tips if they like, they maybe basic tips to some persons though.

Tip no.1 when doing team mode, you can battle the stages you already completed in order(jungle,miracle sea,volcano,stone vault,seal space) using the monsters with the required element, when the monsters get to a high level like 30+, you can use new monsters to battle until they get to a high level as well, that way all your monsters get the chance level up,only problem is waiting every two hours.

Tip no.2 when doing pvp or ladder tournaments, always use monsters that is effective against two or more elements unless they have a certain skill, there are some monsters that are only effective against one element like fire types only effective against grass and electric only effective against water.

Tip no.3 you can gather quite a number of common,psychic and ghost monsters so that whenever you get skill books(mainly from intermediate or advance book chest/veteran or expert mode) you'll always have a monster that you can give it to.

Tip no.4 if you're going to do breeding and you have more than a pair of monsters(male +female) you're going breed, identical their ranks and pick the highest rank of each gender and continue with the process, this way you gain a higher rank monster meaning it will be more stronger, even than its parents.

Well there goes my tips for you guys, I really enjoyed playings so much, I'm looking forward to upgrades in the near future. I guess that's all from me, you may hear from me again so until then bye!!! :D
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

I also think haypi dino was a great idea. This is another response from ajohn5



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hello i am ajohn5 and i love haypi games starting with haypi monsters. I love to play adventure games on my i-pad. I have been playing since December 26th, 2012. I really hope u like my post. Enjoy what I think. I think this new game i am calling haypi monsters 2 u can support it with everything i can think of, enjoy!

I was thinking of new modes such as from veteran to expert to pro to master. I was also thinking of 3 new places as in sealed space to fist s
areana to sky high to pluto monsters.

I was also thinking that the highest level was 70 . I was also thinking of new types as flighing types fighting and ice when ice is super effective on water and fire while earth and fighting ice is disifective on, fighting is super effective on ice and normal monsters while fliying its disefective on elictric monsters and super effective on grass and fighting+earth moves dont effect flying monsters.

I was also thinking that new groups as common to rare to epic to legendary to mega master as in a evo of pheonix. That was my coment and i hope u like it. This is ajohn5 here and i wish u could like my comments.:-D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Username hello13 from server1
This is the first time to play game from haypi and the first time to play online game this long. I don't know how long I play but I know one thing is this game is so addicted and I like this so much. I'm not VIP player but I think you make this game is so well balance because even I'm not VIP player but I can still make it through the game well even it take more time. I feel really good through this game and I think lots and lots player feel the same. Hope you keep this game get better and better. Thank you for make this game for us.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

What Brings Haypi-ness?

In the world of Haypi fantasy,
Having monsters is not that easy.
Capturing, breeding and training,
Are some things a trainer must spend time doing.

They say patience is a virtue,
From quests to battles, its very true!
Lots of hard-work is really needed,
To be the best player you ever wanted.

Socialization is also here,
Just a chat away, a friend is near.
PvP battles are also a way,
To meet new people everyday.

The rewards are mix of bitter-sweet.
Spinning the wheel gives you a sudden heat.
You pray it will stop at the right spot,
Unfortunately, sometimes our luck isn't a lot.

But the developers are not selfish,
Just keep on playing and they'll grant your wish.
There will be a time you'll get a rare item,
If you're active enough you'll get it from them.

I have downloaded almost all the monster games on the AppStore,
And I never saw something like this before.
I deleted the others and focused on Haypi Monster more,
Because it exceeded my expectations, nothing to ask for.

This is indeed created by an intelligent mind,
That made it certainly one of a kind.
Gamers who merely want to unwind,
Got hooked so much, the other games are now left behind.

Now you know what brings me Haypi-ness,
Come and join me play the best.
Others may take their rest,
Haypi Monster it is, no more, no less.


I wrote that simple poem for this game as I am really happy I came across with this. It was a boring night and I was actually looking for a good game to play. I downloaded almost every top games on the AppStore but I ended up deleting them as they dont satisfy me. Then I tried Haypi Monster, it was really good. All the stuff Im looking for in a game is here already. And it doesnt need to really use real life money just to be competitive in the game. Though I used mine coz I found it all worth-it. I promised myself not to use my credit card in any games but Haypi Monster really made me broke my promise. lol But its ok, Im happy with it and I know I was able to help the developers (somehow). They work really hard for us to have this wonderful game and they deserve a little help from us. And by the way, during the time Ive lost some gold coins because of glitch, they responded on my email soon enough and returned my gold coins. Isnt that great? So i bought gold coins again. :)

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience. I know there will be more to anticipate in the future updates. Im so excited! Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Username: Atlantis
Server 7

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