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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Server : 10

When I first began playing Haypi Monster, I thought that it might be nothing more than a silly game that I would delete after two days, but it turned into a minor addiction. I find myself planning and strategizing my next move, thinking in depth about which monsters--my friends, really--I need to train to keep moving through the ranks of the game (Start a Ricky as soon as possible and grind away!). I become flustered when I lose a fight and ecstatic when I when. I have begun to refine my own fighting style. And I'm constantly trying to figure of which of my pets will suit me best for the next challenge. I've even gotten a few of my friends roped into the game, and we love discussing which new monster is best and trading tips. Haypi turned into a fantastic little MMO that I love playing. Thank you.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi my Username is Saeko123 server 11

This game made me happy laugh and cry

When I started playing this game I was so excited cuz It really is like Pokemon.
I played whole day and when I went to sleep I was thinking about it I was very happy.

Time passed and it was nearly examination day I was playing haypi monster and my mom forced me to study and I cried but my mom is right I need to study for my future.

Then I played with my friends and we fought together and had silly jokes and we all laughed.

I searched the whole App Store if I could find a game like this but no it is the best monster game ever.thank you haypi for creating this I am very happy.

Happy Chinese New Year from the Phillipines!!



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Well before I found haypi monsters, my gaming life was boring. When I found haypi monsters in the app store, I didn't think this would be my number one game in the my list. As soon as I played it, my world came to life. This game wanted me to keep playing it and as soon as I realized I was addicted to the game. I would play it after school, before sleeping, waking up in the morning and even when i am in the bathroom. I would sometimes not do my homework just because I wanted to get new monsters and to train them with all I can do. Even though I am not VIP and stuff, I try my best to be the outstanding in the game. I try my best to get awesome prizes by participating in your events. This Chinese new year, I have all the free time I want, which I will spend to play haypi monsters! :D thank you for spending time reading my post and gong xi fa chai !!!!! Have a Happy New Year :3



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

I'm huubaonguyen from sever 7.
i'm vietnamese and i'm going to have a lunar new year holiday ( in my country, i called TET) it will be interesting to go every where and take lucky money.
My mom don't want me to have a pet. so i really enjoy playing this game.It makes me happy after a hard-studying day.
i started to play this game 1 month ago. in that time, i felt this game is like pokemon. but when i play it, i found many difference.
i think that all vietnamese, who have played this game, will think like me.and that's all i need to say.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Name: Alienpika
Server 10.

I write music, somehow in the middle of Asia, in a small apartment surrounded by businessmen. Alas, people stare at me because I choose to abstain from wearing makeup all day, and frump out in my frayed army jacket. The winter tears my face away as I wait and wait to catch a cab, only to have it taken away from me by a belligerent older lady. sigh. (Internally---rage)

Where can i rest my soul so that I can find the energy to be creative:

Hey belligerent ladies, take that! (My blue lupa KO's the purple ghost monkey)
Appearances are nothing! (Blocky tears apart the canyon, "avalanching" those fools (mwahaha) with surprising grace)
Become one with my crabby of the sea, and while waterbeading myself to safety, calmly and OH SO SLOWLY, staying alive.

So many contradictions satisfied, all in one! So, even though I'm far far away from my family and friends, and often tongue-tied speaking the language here, I feel like I can be me and do what I'd like. That's so important, I think. ^_^


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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Cloudy...very cloudy with a chance of meatballs.... It all began last week. For the first time ever... as there always is a first time for everything.... I attempted suicide. Not the happiest subject, nor one understood by all. However this is the truth. You may ask...Why? That is a valid question.... but not the most important. Far greater.. is the answer.... to the question... Why Not?

"Have you ever felt like you were... a little bit different. Like you had something unique to offer the world, if you could JUST get people to see it."

This has been my life, but with one exception. I was a gifted young child and excelled at an early age and I cared deeply for people. Soon however my life lost its meaning. Its luster, its glow. All this potential... all this intelligence... slowly began to go to waste. I cared about nothing, and I didn't understand why people tried so hard to do.... the things people just do in life. I... at the very early age of 11...lost the motivation to live. Have you ever felt that way?

Five years go by. I woke up in the night to my father kneeling at the side of my bed. He was crying under his breathe. I had never seen my father this way. I was afraid... caught off guard....naturally.... as it was the middle of the night, I asked."Dad...whats wrong". Softly... he said..."he's dead. Justin is dead. He died last night in a car accident". Have you ever lost someone?

Justin was my friend. We snowboarded together. Skateboarded together. Listened to music together, got into a bunch of shananaghans.....together. However...I felt little. I knew he was my friend.... that I cared about him, but as I lay there in my bed.... motionless.... I felt... little. The next day.... I cried in the shower... My parents tried to get me to take the day off from school. But I didn't allow it. I refused to act affected... I attempted to continue my life as if it didn't happen. Have you ever refused to accept your own feelings?

Has pain affected your life? I bottled emotions deep down, but when you bury feelings...you bury them alive.

11 years pass. From the outside my life seems good and put together. I graduate from college, find an amazing job and have a ton of close friends that have my back and care about me.....As the saying goes however.... you can't always judge a book by its cover. Inside I was a mess.... emotions kept in for years began to emerge causing confusion and havoc in my life. Have you ever felt lost?

For the past two years.... I have been seeking help from.... mental professionals. Gradually. . . I began to be diagnosed with a variety of mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. Pages of medical jargon describing my condition can be summed up in one word. Non-functional. Have you ever been effected by disease?

Ups and downs for these years brought me to last week... and the a fore mentioned attempt at my life. But I have found something to offer. An answer to the reason.... why not? Or more specifically why not to.... Hope.

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"... an animated movie in which a inspirational child grows up trying to invent something to change the world. At each turn he's met with failure. Even when gaining the worlds approval... his father... expresses his concern. Making him feeling again a failure. At the end as I wont ruin the movie for those meek enough to learn from an enlightening life experience... I was taught this... Never..... EVER give up. Life can't happen if you give up, and you will never experience the joys it can bring.

I have talked with many people in chat in game.... and its clear that people like myself suffer from many illnesses. Illness that effects the way they feel and the way they experience life. I never intended to submit an entry, as my self esteem deemed my abilities insufficient to write anything meaningful. However, I was encouraged to participate. I want to thank GamerNz for being a positive influence in game and a kind person. Also I want people who suffer from their own emotions to please know... there are others out there... suffering... and that they want you to not only live life, but find joy in it.

Soon the Chinese will celebrate the beginning of its new year. With a new year comes new hopes, new motivations, a fresh start and new life. I have resolved to meet not every year but every day with this same motivation, this same fresh start. Because EVERY day... is a NEW day. I choose to begin every day with Haypi Monsters. To remind myself that I can accomplish things in life. I take my success in game and use this to motivate me to live life every day and to meet its difficulty with perseverance. To NEVER give up... and most of all be that different person who has something to offer to the world..... HOPE.

"When it rains, you put on a coat."

Name: Muskrat
Server: 16
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Muskrat - Server 16
~<1926 Bulova Conqueror>~



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi, my user name is floppyjalopy and I'm from server 3 :)
I fell in love with this game from the very first battle I had and is by far the most used game on my iPhone :) The game play is amazing and this game is with out a doubt the best monster game on the store! If your into Pokemon then this is the game for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! :D



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi :!: it's me denrazier28 all I can is I'm very happy that I have a game like this because I'm a haypi addict :D and for the creator of haypi monster.. Haypi Chinese New Year!!!!



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

The Story of Flicker by drooraffe - server 17

When Miracle Sea and Sealed Space were at war, the great drooraffe saw that Haypi needed protection from Legendary Monsters. He decided to create a team of four Haypi Monsters. They would stand for justice, work together and protect Haypi.

But drooraffe couldn't help but notice that there was arguing and contention between the four, along with fighting. drooraffe saw this all and thought; 'One of them must lead the others, and be stronger. This one will have its own move and evolution. They must fight for it!' drooraffe notified them of this.

One crisp February morning, in Haypi, the four stood on a hill, ready for combat. To the North, Smiter, the grass monster. He was just, righteous, and very wise. He was an ideal leader, one who would be fair to all. To the West, the graceful one, Mystik. Although frightening in combat, her appearance was calm and peaceful. She would lead with peace, and soothe others, without violence. To the East, the powerful one, Blocky. Able to destroy a castle wall in one blow, he would lead with a firm hand. Powering through obstacles, he too, would be a good leader.

To the South was perhaps the most unusual, Flicker. His name wasn't the only thing different about him. He was the smallest, seemed the least likely to win. He was built like a small colt, seemingly weak, yet he was special in a way. He could kick harder than Blocky himself, and was quick to dart from right to left and more graceful and smooth than Mystik. In combat smarter than Smiter. He often had to use more than power against powerful monsters like Draconius, or shadow types like Shriek or Meniss. In a way, he was part of all three put together.

CRASH! The gong sounded and the fight started. Blocky charged full speed at Flicker. Flicker ran at him also. Blocky was surprised , but kept charging. At the last second Flicker did a slide under Blocky. He popped up behind Blocky and did a Frenzied Attack into Blocky's rear. Mean while, Smiter launched a Poison Leaves at Mystik. Mystik slashed it to pieces with a Spirit Channel. Smiter charged with a Rampage. Mystik jumped over it and used a Hi-Speed Poison Paw into Smiter's back, causing him to faint. Blocky charged up an Boulder and sent it at the fleeing Flicker. Flicker turned on the spot and fired a Pyroblast, not only sending the rocks back into Blocky, but slamming Blocky in the face with Wild Fire and causing him to faint. Flicker then was slammed in the side by a Psychic Thrust. He was worn down and could barely stand. Mind Game slammed into him and he flew through the air. As he realized he was flying towards a tree, his brain went into action; 'If I canpull this off, I can win. If not, I will lose.' At the time of impact he planted his back hooves into the tree, and pushed off. Mystik was startled. The runt was flying back at her! She thought she had won! Flicker slammed into her with an epic Fire Blast. Mystik could not take the impact. Instead of Flicker, this time, she went flying. Flicker hit the ground and dug his heels in. Mystik flew off the hill and hit the ground hard. She then fainted. Though he was tired, Flicker raised himself onto two legs and let out a cheer, "Happy Chinese New Year" he roared.

There was drooraffe.
“Well done Flicker, that was amazing!” he said.
“Thank You”, Flicker replied.
“As I told you, you will have your own move and evolution,” said drooraffe.

The other three legends walked up to Flicker, having been healed by drooraffe. “Now Blocky, Smiter, and Mystik focus all your energy on Flicker.” The three did as they were told, and Flicker began to evolve. More fur grew on his head and his horn became longer. He then jumped into the air and executed a Fire Bomb, his signature move. He landed on the ground overjoyed, as the other three cheered. “I have a job for you,” said drooraffe, “Sealed Space is on a rampage. I need you to stop it. Now go, the four of you.” They all cheered and galloped into the sunset, now with a leader. drooraffe smiled. Flicker had a VERY bright future.

This is his story.
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Username: BienSong
Server: 20

Growing up, I was addicted to Pokemon. I would collect all the cards and play all the gameboy games. But as I grew up, there were many changes in my life and I eventually had forgotten about my childhood obsession. But a few weeks ago, that obsession came back and took shape as Haypi Monster. Now that I am much older and with many adult responsibilities, I spend less and less time playing video games. Yet when I came across Haypi Monster, I was instantly hooked and could not stop playing. It is such a well organized game and the gameplay flows flawlessly. I have only been playing for a few weeks but I can tell you that I spend almost all my free time playing Haypi Monster. I think it is games like Haypi Monster that let the older gamers reconnect with their inner child and let the children of today have an opportunity to play such a great style of game adapted to the modern day. My only regret is that I can't dedicate more time and money to this game. If only I could be a child forever.

Thank you Haypi Monster for helping me rediscover myself.

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