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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

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Haypi Monster Writing Competition (Feb 2013)

Dear Monster Trainers,

Has Haypi Monster ever brought you joy, laughter, or tears? We would love to hear your stories, so please share them with us! If your story is good, you can win awesome rewards!

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, we are kicking off a Haypi Monster Writing Competition! Check out the competition details below:

1. You can post entries such as beginner’s guides, game play tips, or even a reflection on your experiences in Haypi Monster.
2. There are no limits on writing style or word count. Please do not give out any personal information such as bank info, personal addresses, phone numbers, etc.
3. Please include your CASE SENSITIVE account name and server number in the entry.
4. All entries MUST be posted in the Haypi Events > Haypi Monster Writing Competition section.

Please post your entry underneath as a reply. Each participant can only post one entry. Feel free to edit your entry until the end of the competition.
5. If you have already written material that you have posted elsewhere over the internet (i.e. an article, a blog, a forum) and would like to enter in the competition, you can post the link to it on the forum with your CASE SENSITIVE account name and server number. You can also enter the competition by sending the link to HaypiOfficial via Twitter or Facebook:

Haypi on Facebook: HaypiOfficial
Haypi on Twitter: haypiofficial http://www.twitter.com/haypiofficial

Each participant can only post one entry. A single player cannot win multiple times. Please do not message us more than once on Twitter/Facebook.

Duration: Feb 7th-24th, 2013

1st-Prize winner–a Purity (you can choose the gender)
Three 2nd-Prize winners – 500 Haypi coins;
Five 3rd-Prize winners - 300 Haypi coins each;
Fifty 4th-Prize winners - 100 Haypi coins each;

Note: The Haypi coins can also be delivered to your other Haypi games! If you are selected as a winner and want your coins delivered to another Haypi game, please contact Haypi Support.

Haypi Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation over this competition. By entering your writing in this competition, you hearby grant Haypi Co., Ltd. the permission to use its contents.

Good luck!

Haypi Co., Ltd.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi, username thunderbear server 20
I started haypi monsters and i really liked it so for those who has not yet try it now and also gong xi fa chai! Happy new year(year of the water snake) :). I am now lv14 so i can say that it is very easy and it's like pokemon. Don't worry if you fail or get defeated, you will always find a way to get back up and rank up to the top and also thank you Haypi Monsters for creating a wonderful, adventurous and a game that has a lesson on it and that's "Never Give Up and Try and Try until you succeed". :D
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi, my username on Haypi Monster is Serenearth and I'm in server 4.
I've played this game for around 2 months and this game brings me lots of feelings. For instance, I was so sad when spinning gave me a potion when there was s scroll ONE step ahead!! In contrary, I was exited when I saw lots of good stuffs on spinning and wondered which one I'd get. I also got a lot anxiety at night praying that not many people beat me in ladder. Last but not least, I got lots of joy as I have so much fun exploring new maps, competing with players, systhesizing new monster, breeding a higher class monter, and etc. I also got new good friends who always exchange lots of information and give me many suggestions. So I'd like to say thank to Haypi Monster that give me a chance to experience lots of good stuff here. Happy Chinese New Year from Thailand :)



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hello, I am corngod from server 15. I just wanted to talk about the fact that haypi monsters has all the aspects of monster games that I love. From Pokemon to monster rancher I have played a lot of them and haypi easily holds its own. It's addictive to me because of the customizable experiences and sometimes difficult gameplay. After all nobody likes an easy game. So between nostalgia and overall entertainment I say thank you for this game.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hi to the Admins and to all Haypi Monsters' addicts!! My username: Clabsx Server 15..! I dont have any idea about Haypi Monsters at all.. For curiosity sake i downloaded it on my phone.. Then the FUN begins... As i started playing, i felt the excitement and the thrill as my monsters grew and evolving!! They became stronger progressively.. There are lots of fun and excitement that i have experienced here.. And i enjoyed every single seconds especially in training my monsters.. :lol: ! Every minute counts!! What i like the most in playing Haypi Monsters?? Everything!!! The training, breeding, synthesizing, exploring new maps, capturing new monsters, the ladder tournament, PVP's, the wheel, treasure chests and many more.. The BEST apps that i have ever played! Two thumbs up!! Happy Chinese New Year to All!!
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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

GamerNz from server 16 here , this game gave me a chance to be what I am usually not ,a teacher , a helper. I learned to help each and everyone in my server , I am always trying to keep the trouble makers away,and always trying to make friends in the server , I come to learn the amount of people I could meet in chat, I have now become the person to go to when people has question in the server , but of course if you guys did not made this game all this would not have happen so I truly thank haypi for making haypi monster

Hi this is a quick start guide made by me (GamerNz)
First,of all is patience without it you would never make it far in this game
Second, when you just started remember to fellow the tutorial properly,please read what they tell/explain to you,so,that you would not have any questions in the future
Third, you start of with 15 gold coins spend them wisely or you can even save it if you want , I used my on training
Fourth, do not hang out in the chat to much when you just started it will slow,you down a lot ,join the chat when you think that you got the hang of things (don't have too much questions)
Fifth, use monters that you feel comfortable using,try to have a monster of each type just in case ,I suggest training lupa/or a ghost type monster when you get one,you would need it in the future at sealed space
Sixth,physic type monsters can learn other element move which is very helpful ,i am not sure about ghost type ,sorry
Seventh,onces you are level 15 ,this is how breed works, you would need two of the same monsters but of different gender remember to identify your monster that you would like to breed to find out it's grade , the higher the grade the monster you are breeding the better love potion you would need , also the higher the cost it would be
Eighth,save the sliver that you get,if you want to get a epic monster , they cost 60k to make so I suggest you grind on a level that you are good at ,also find copper and or sliver chest to get a chance to get a key from it to unlock gold chests,you can get sliver and or equipment from it
Ninth,check what tasks you have you may be able to do it and get reward from it
Tenth,come back daily to get daily reward and collect from daily online reward
Eleventh,if you got a question that no one in your server knows that answer to,you can always go to menu and help to see if the answer to your question is there m if not you can always go to the forum and ask it ,I am sure there a many people who wish to help you
12th,you can sign in to the forum with the account you made on any haypi game that you have

1,if you are waiting for someone to join you in pvp , you can always ask in chat
2,there are some troll in chats ,if you can't take it ,just ignore them but if you can counter their trolling if you will
3,if you are in a pvp match and your enemy is not returning attack for sometime try exiting the game and going back in and wait for a little bit,never go to multitask and close the game if you do you would lose more points that normal
4,some monster can be brought with prestige point that you can earn from being in the ladder , the higher rank the more money and prestige you can get
5,poe evolve with honey , there are honey for different element just equip the honey on Poe and he/she will evolve in the element of the honey you gave him/her ,you can get honey from team mode and or veteran mode
6,please don't spam in chat ,people don't like that
7,getting VIP will remove spam control from you completely
8,don't ask weird questions in chat,just don't ....
9,please do keep in mind that when you post in chat it is a world chat ,mean that everyone that is in that server can see it ,so do not post personal information,I mean who knows who is watching
10,be mature in chat

Thanks for your time for reading this post
And also Happy Chinese New Year

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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Hello, username is nung_nakarin from server 5.

I've been playing this game for about 1 month , then the game is a lot of fun.The various adventures and encounters with monster be courageous. Every time I play defense. I was so excited when spinning gave me a potion or rare item.In this game the player has to ladder tournament and pvp with players, systhesis, breeding in hatchery and meet new friends in game.I was very happy and thank you for this game.

I'm not good at English. I try to write as well.
Please accept my sincere apology in advance for any mistake that may occur.

Finally, let you have a happy Chinese New Year.



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

I like Haypi more than pudding, and I really like pudding. :P


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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

hi its me crymtyme from server 8
im playing this game for 3 weeks already and believe it or not im in top
of everyone else in our server because of my non stop gaming :)
yup this game is totally addicting :)
what i like about this game is you can gain lots of friends..
kill some time when i feel bored
anyways more power to you guys

crymtyme server 8


haYPi monster rocks



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Re: Haypi Monster Writing Competition(Feb.2013)

Name: MrBolt
Server: 18

How did i start playing Haypi Monster?
Well, it all started when i was just walking pass a colleague of my and notice this interesting game his playing(Haypi Monster), i stopped right behind him and stare for a while as it really caught my eyes. I got so curious after watching for a while and i asked for the name of the game and search for it through the apps store right away. I have always like games which you're able to tame the monster, evolve and battle with friends. It was really a great found to me and I really enjoy playing it!

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