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Good advice for any player!




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Re: Good advice for any player!

You can be in denial all you want.

But if you look on this very forum I posted the MONSTER BUILDER guide in 2014...a guide on how to build up every monter. Which I updated for my own personal knowledge just never bother posting up.

Anyway I've researched every single monster including the rare, uncommon and common monsters. I am also one of the strongest players in server 603 and have held 4 spots in top 10 of ladder against the likes of Scorpimon/Shadowmon, Stephenking and many other very strong players from server 603....

And best of all, I achieve all this, mostly using Epic monsters! That's right, i am the master of Epic monsters hands down I don't think anyone in my server can dispute it.

From what i've seen of your posts, your experience is mostly based on fighting weak players in a weak server, so of course you have oddball results that doesn't match common sense.

In my server we are VERY competitive and everyone has at least 2 or 3 really strong monsters. But all this aside I did infact do extensive research on all dragon legendaries and only a few of them are good. Devil is not one of them. Devil is the weakest legendary in the game. And Devil should and will lose to meniss on a 1v1 for the reasons i stated above.

Meniss is a better choice for a ghost type monster. Wish they would server merge again so that your server can join ours and perhaps that will change your perspective. Because logically Meniss should win most fights against Devil, unless Devil specifically gets built to attack using non matk special moves.



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Re: Good advice for any player!

Cool. Loo chillax.

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