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Re: curiosity...

Jbloggsy wrote:
✴Dracopyre wrote:Dude no offence, please stop making every post on the forums for every little issue or curiosity you got!

Your spamming the forums with junk allmost.
try asking people for advice in your server. Try googling your issues.
Type haypi monsters + (what your question is)

This may be general discussion but its anoying to see and pointless to have ma y forums about your self. This is not a chat room or forum.

Thank you.

"dude no offence" but how about you go swivel> :D WTF is a forum for then? TO ASK THINGS ABOUT A CERTAIN GAME! don't like it, FUCK OFF! simple! i don't know you who think you're talking too, but leave if you don't like it! i do not care if i get banned from this forum, but it's people like you that think everybody is a "noob" god forbid what you was like in school, you never asked numerous questions at school? i think you did! did people say stfu you ask too much? did they hell! so shut your love mouth! it's a forum you ask questions on it you love bubbles! done finished! you may now block me!

Sorry to offend you.
But the definiton of noob is basicly student in a game. I have no idea who told or taught you it was offensivd. Its like calling a table a table. Or a human a human.
I wasnt judging you at all. I was setting aside people from different people. Like i dont see how its rude to call someone by whay they are. If a girl is a chipmunk i will call her a chipmunk. If a man is a dog i will call the person a dog... simple as. I this terms i am not saying u are uninteliigent but just a unfamilar with this games terminology. Thats common for alot of people. Haypi gets new players evryday asksing questions in globe chat. And dude dont private message me via forums like a weirdo.

I was trying to controll a possible breakdown of forum becoming full of new playes whom wont soon tske forums seroous it filled withstuff like what monster is 111 in the encyclopdeida and the so on to 131.. etc somethig that with little resaerch can be eaiser to do.

I gave you hell b4 and now. Stop being so rude and arrogant