Post Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:29 am

Re: Disrespectful players

✴Dracopyre wrote:Also, when i private chat him based on the image evidence he has. It shows the name Dracopyre and he input my real name... in the photo image. This obviously shows yes still has hes revenge schemes. Its clear that he was disrespectjng my name but again. All i want is my name off this topuc or deleted.

Whats the point of having this post in this forum website?
If the issues been resolved just deleted it. All it does is a reminder for when i come to look for some advice in game and i see this post which gives of bad memories.

Their is no need for the post to exist i respect eveyplayer.
I plead for it to be deleted as the issue is solved.

Hi there,

It comes to my notice that the image name had been changed by the poster. Please check again and confirm.

With regard to your request on a thread deletion, we are afraid that we cannot do you a favor in this case. This post/thread does not meet with our criteria of deletion.

What about treating it as a good source to introspection? So that it'll be able to remind you again and again about the essence of the game and Haypi's UA. Also, it'll be useful for other players to learn how to comply with the rules.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering support.

Haypi Team