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Help taking on Thorny Forest Expert




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Help taking on Thorny Forest Expert

So I am finally getting away from my self imposed expert maps sabbatical. I want to start on Thorny Forest expert, and am looking for help from anyone who has completed it before. To start, here are my available monsters:
Leviathan (60), Setanic (60), Gryphion (60), Hippogon (60), Angelo (60), Devil (60), Neon (60), Clawpard (54), Draco (50), Ignightmare (46), Smiter (41), Pattafly (35).

I have mostly just been playing around with the legendaries since beating BL expert. I more recently started training up Clawpard, Ignightmare, Smiter, and Pattafly just because I thought they might be useful in Thorny Forest.

Any strategies or teams that you think would be useful in TF expert would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Help taking on Thorny Forest Expert

Not really worth being called a strategy, but in maps where the weather can be changed, you can use this to your adventage against OEL bosses:

Most bosses will change the weather to their respective element, and since they're so high leveled, they're often faster than your monsters.
If you have a monster that has access to harmful weather (Sandstorm & Blizzard), you can continuously spam this for some free damage :D!

Other than that, I can't recall what I used for Thorny Forest Expert. I guess an Intimidate Ignightmare is always worthwhile to keep in mind.
Don't underestimate Leviathan simply because the maps' element is 50% Plant. Leviathan is a great all-rounder and will do a perfect job to tank several hits when needed.

Also, don't be afraid to use dice. Even if you need a 2 or higher to get to the next Mini-boss, I'd rather use a single dice (which cost 60 Honor each) than regret it later when having to equip your monsters with expensive Healing Potions or having to use a Resurrection Card!
Finally back on track and ready to help you guys :D!

Have a question? Feel free to ask me!


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