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Login time out




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Login time out

So my name is deliverance and I'm used to the 4-8 hour log in time outs on occasion but right now is ridiculous I am a paying member and I have not been able to surpass the log in time out for over 24 hours now. Why is it lasting so long? Are other players locked out now as well. Will I be able to play soon or do I just quit the game now and not put more money into it in the near future



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Re: Login time out

Hi there,

We're very sorry for the inconvenience. The 3102 server issue has been addressed please check again and confirm.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and we'll compensate to all players involved. The compensation will be sent in the form of mail attachment within 48 hrs. Please keep an eye on your mail attachment and remember to claim them in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

Thank you for your unwavering support and love.

Haypi Team



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Re: Login time out

Hey, admin / Haypi makers

Firstly i greatly thank you for compesating us players for the amazing suprize.

Secondly the 40 gold coins is a lazy way to shut up us up... i am disatisfied with the 40 gold coins.. its a empty compensation and here is why.

40 gold coins what can you do with 40 gold coins...

Save up and crack a pointless orange egg which no one has ever gotten a legendary breedkng pair from?

Respins.. which usually tend to be the same spin and land on same thing or something you dont want..

A common monster??? Who wants that... i got all comon monsters..

Expanding bag?? I have 50 attachment space in the haypi mail so why on earth would i spend the coins on that??

Buy res cards, potions etc.. all of this can be earned through daily gameplay.

Tbh i the definition of compensation according to google definitin is "Something typicall like money awarded in the recognition of loss of loss suffering and injury". By this logic, even tho this is your game and your goal is to make money.. and the way for any bussiness to make any money is to satisfy a customers needs.. inam yet to be a customer becuase i am not 18 and i am not even sure this game would last more than a year from now.. including that your failing to meet my needs of compensation everytime a loggin timeout happens.. i am a future customer whom soon when ulgrading every monster i got and want to move to Oel(Orange egg legendary).. i may even buy every single one and max upgrade em when i am done with the monsters i want.

My idea of compensation is the 2 days lost of things i should of gotten if the game did not stop working.i also play haypi everyday.

That is for me in 2 days their are 24 runs.. the minimum silver i can get is 22 x 24 = 528k silver

Daily bonuses pick ups.
Which is 2 sealcards x 2.. 4 seal cards
1 purple exp card x2.. 2 exp cards
1 loaded dice x2... 2 loaded dice
1 res cards x2 which is 2 res cards
2 gold coins x2 4 gold coins...
Including my raidbosses i didnt get to kill which was 3 essence x2.. if i played for 2 days which i missed

I also forgot to mentioned 20 expert or veteran runs... and the 2 orange exp cards with 200k exp

I please request these if possible becuase its unfair how 40 gold coins is compared to all of the above mentioned

Please respond and give me any advice or feedback.




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Post Mon May 30, 2016 11:39 am

Re: Login time out

Hey there,

I am very thankfull for the compensation, but I can kind of agree with Dracopyre, I believe we lost more than 40 gold coins which as he covered u cant really do much with them.

Dracopyre also forgot to mention the following stuff which has been lost during login timeout:
2 gold xp cards,
some other stuff daily activities give,
and the dailies 20 expert or veteran daily runs which in my opinion are critical for the evolution of our monsters.
(he reedited his post)

I trully just want whats best for the community and to be honest If there is nothing done I will fully comprehend, but Dracopyre's points are certainly very strong and I can fully comprehend his bitterness which makes me urge u to consider his valid perspective.

However, I am glad the login timeout has been fixed and, I am grateful for the 40 gold,

Best Regards,



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Re: Login time out

i cant log in my account. it’s already 2 days and it keep on saying log in timeout. i cant remember my server. my in-game name is iloveyoujoyt and i lovejoyt2. can you please do something for this? thank you.



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Re: Login time out

username: iloveyoujoyt and ilovejoyt2
server i didnt notice my server
phone: lenovo a800
android 4.0.4
please do something because it’s been 3 days since the last time i played my account and now it always says log in time put. even if i try to log in my account on other devices like asus zenfone5, still i cant log in.

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