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How to report



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Re: How to report

you know, a mod could remove his post.... or maybe its a bug.

if you are going to post a bug report, please make sure you have already sent a mail to kingdomsupprt@haypi.com along with your ingame name, server, and then tell them your bug, along with screen shots if you have any. then, you should post screen shots, and your report in bug report section of forums, after emailing haypi. just dont be excessive.

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Re: How to report

What will happen if support gives you more coins as a I'm sorry gift :D :mrgreen: :lol: :roll: ;) 8-)



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Re: How to report

Do u think i will report the bug if it awarded me with 9999 coins? And not deducting from my card?
Yes i will because i dont want to be banned. ✌

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