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Troops starved when passing through fort.




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Post Fri Oct 10, 2014 5:49 pm

Troops starved when passing through fort.

Username: Prayerx
Date: October 10th, 2014
What happened: Hello. I was using the forts to transport my troops to my other cities, like any other day, when suddenly today my troops starved when I did this. I maintained full wharehouse on my main city and did the same to all the cities, but when I dispatched my troops to the fort I had (owned by my main city), my crop suddenly got to 0 and the starve happened. I always check my crop on all cities before dispatching, and I always keep above 250k crop on each city, so I'm sure it must've been a fault on the HK server. I don't make mistakes like this, at all. Mind you this was after farming and making a build of 599 cavs from full wharehouse, so my crop went down to 300k, then I dispatched to my other subs and did the same, but when I brought my troops back to my main (300k crop) it went to 0 crop.

This has even happened to other people, and some too have posted it here.
Instead of assuming it's someone's fault on their behalf, try figuring out if the problem is a glitch.

Of course, some of these might have been players fault, but I assure you, I don't maintain lower than 250k crop in each sub city before dispatch. I've recently been talking to clanmates, and a few other people whom have had this problem, and they assured it won't be fixed. According to them it's been happening for years.



Suggestions why it happened: Well I was trying to access the map and it kept telling me it could not connect, whilst anywhere else I had internet. As I sent the troops to my fort, I think the check it does to see if you have enough crop nulled, or probably took a while to respond, so it thought I had starved and set my crop to 0. I'm no expert but it's my only thought on why it could have happened.

Screenshots: This just shows me being starved, and the time of it happening. Is there a way to check how much crop I had before dispatching?

What you want: If it's possible, I'd like at least half of my troops back. If you bring in all my troops, they'll just starve because I won't know when they'll be brought back and I'll have no chance to hunt or farm. I would also like for you to check this glitch and find out a way to fix it.


edit: Removed my fort coordinates on the screenshot. I don't want people to know where my sub is at. I'll message you if you need the coordinates.

edit: This is the first time this has happened to me in over a year of playing . I've always used forts as means of transporting troops & never had this problem.


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Re: Troops starved when passing through fort.

I m also a sufferer. But never get back my troops. I even starved having full of crop in my warehouse. So I suggest u, B4 despatch through fort. Pls sent at least 50k crops to the destiny. It works. And we will not starved.
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