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Server 127 Expert Nominations Discussion




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Post Tue May 22, 2012 6:12 am

Server 127 Expert Nominations Discussion

So the nominations thread isn't clogged up with off-topic posts, all discussion concerening the nominations shall take place here. Try not to be too hateful.


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Re: Server 127 Expert Nominations Discussion

More active experts...
ExHaLe, s111-Inactive
Mr.Famous, s76-Inactive
FOGG, s127-Extremly Active
-Galaxy-, s603-Active


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Re: Server 127 Expert Nominations Discussion

i want active experts on s127!
we need experts. plz look s127. we have inactive or alt acc experts.

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Re: Server 127 Expert Nominations Discussion

Ive been playing the game for about 4 years now or more. I believe i started back in April of 2009. Ive seen alot on this game. Alot of faults. Alot of good things and i love server 127. But there are no experts there at all? Im sure it is going to merge soon as well and we need experts. Im on everyday in servers 130 131 127 606 and 607. 130 and 127 being my favorites and im always in chat or doing something with my alliance and often see vulgar things in world chat. It is quite distasteful and there is no one there to stop it. I am willing to help in any way in the server if Jessica would let me. I also have many thoughts and ideas and suggestions for the game.
But please get an expert soon. Ask me about them and i can tell you if they are active or not. I will never leave the game and i put alot of heart and soul into helping people cause i love to do it.
Let me know what is going on! I also appreciate all the efforts aupport puts into the game. Thank you

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