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Server 125 Expert Nominations Discussion

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Post Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:54 am

Server 125 Expert Nominations Discussion

So the nominations thread isn't clogged up with off-topic posts, all discussion concerening the nominations shall take place here. Try not to be too hateful.



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Re: Server 125 Expert Nominations Discussion

In response to the two nominations for Tim84 for expert I make this rebuttal:

While there is no question in Tim's knowledge of the game (it is extensive and drawn out for over a year as he started on s23), he has already proven his inability to be expert and to carry out those responsibilities dutifully. He has shown an inability to contain anger on WC and has been shown violating numerous Haypi rules including (but not limited to) cursing, sharing his (formerly expert) account password and telling the person to enjoy muting away, glitching troops, and buying illegal coins. He has spent time as an expert in the past before being BANNED from the game for a period of 3 days starting last December 24th (give or take a day or two).

It is also no secret that Tim and I are sworn enemies so you can disregard this as simple distaste, but you will find that all of the above are facts and can be accompanied with screenshots. Tim is helpful, he is knowledgeable, but his character keeps him from being a good expert as has already been displayed in the past.
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Re: Server 125 Expert Nominations Discussion

Its been a while since any one has posted for s125 expert. But like to say I agree with The_Muku post. I don't think you could have worded it better.



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Re: Server 125 Expert Nominations Discussion

people still play s125????????? hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

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